Sip these ideas for island drinks on the beach in Hawaii

Ideas for cooling off at your tropical summer all year round
Hawaiian beach wedding

Drinking Hawaiian Guava juice at the their wedding on the beach on Oahu

Our wedding newly weds recently toasted the some guava juice after their intimate beach ceremony event at Makapuu

Actually year round it can be pretty hot on the beaches in Hawaii and thank god we have the trade wind breezes to cool everybody off , Though a great way to keep everybody quenched at your beach wedding in Hawaii is to have Hawaiian juices such as pineapple , guava , POG, passion fruit and coconut water to give that island drink tropical feel to your event.

Hawaii reception drink ideas

On the islands consider a signature drink for your Hawaii wedding reception. Many couples choose to have a special drink that may represent their personality or flavor that the couple wants to share with all their guest . This can be displayed either  at the actual  bar or as sort of a drink highlight offered by the bartender . You could choose your signature drink based on any number of things. If you and your spouse-to-be met over a drink for the first time, you might want to use that as your signature.

Signature Drink Sign , that could be customize to represent your style flavors and personality at your reception

For a beach wedding say Hawaii

Consider your setting , if you are getting married on one of the Hawaiian islands  your signature drink might be the traditional Mai Tai or a Blue Hawaiian – which looks incredible with those glowing ice cubes you can now purchase. For the tropical enchanted island feel beach wedding, you might go with a rum punch or something like a Bahama Mama or Caribbean Breeze or lava flow . To make it even more personally your drink, you can purchase personalized swizzle sticks – these make great, inexpensive keepsakes of your wedding too.

Everything about your Hawaii wedding , whether you have chosen a stunning Hawaiian paradise setting or a elegant
estate on the tranquility of the ocean and sound of the waves exudes fun and excitement  .  The season on the equator is always summer , so that includes the Hawaiian island chain so you must think about all the cool fruity drinks available
or at least cold bottles of water in a ice chest for the guest .

More Ideas for the island life style of reception drinks in Hawaii

There are literally hundreds of cool summer cocktail variations, enough to suit every taste and any whim. When planning which to choose for your wedding, however, you want to consider that you will likely have a very diverse crowd. So keep it rated G .
Even if you have the hippest grandmother in the world, she might have some difficulty approaching your bartender to order herself a nice cool Screaming Multiple or a tasty and tropical on the Beach. Save those for the honeymoon, and instead, if you are going to choose only a few tropical delights to be available to your guests, stick with things like a Piña Colada, Frozen Margaritas, and frozen strawberry or banana daiquiris, in addition to your signature cocktail.
Not only are your guests going to be familiar with the drinks and not be afraid to try them,
they won’t feel a need to hit the confessional after they order them!

Bride smile as she gets a kiss from the groom before the wedding start on the beach at Makapuu

The groom kisses his bride in this informal ceremony just for two on Oahu


This couple have some fun with toasting in what is suppose to be champagne but added Hawaiian tropic guava juice , which actually matches some of the flower colors that was used for her Hawaii beach wedding theme.

There are other things that you can do with your cool cocktails that will not only keep your guests comfortable, but help you create amazing wedding memories. Many people use numbers to indicate to guests at which tables they are seated. Instead of numbers, assign each table the name of a delicious and brightly colored summer cocktail. At the start of the wedding, just after all of your guests are seated and waiting for dinner, have your wait staff deliver a drink to all of your guests based on their table name (for example, all of the guests at your Blue Hawaiian table will get a Blue Hawaiian cocktail). Make sure the drinks are ornately adorned with beautiful tropical flowers or skewers of fresh fruit and a paper parasol. Ask your photographer to go from table to table and take a photograph of each table, with all of the guests holding up their cocktail in a toast to the newly married couple!

In Hawaii it is not allowed to have alcohol on the beach though for your Dinner reception in all the hotels and restaurants
alcohol is enjoyed by many celebrating the union of the newlyweds.

Here are a few popular Hawaiian alcohol drinks that are known and famous in Hawaii

Blue Hawaiian Drink Recipe .

1 oz light rum
1 cherry
2 oz pineapple juice
1 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
1 oz cream of coconut
1 slice pineapple

Elvis sings blue Hawaii

The Classic Hawaiian Drink made popular during the Tiki culture The  Mai Tai
Ingredient recipe

  1. 12 cup light rum.
  2. 12 cup dark rum.
  3. 12 cup fresh lemon juice.
  4. 12 cup fresh orange juice.
  5. 3 tablespoons orange Curacao.
  6. 3 tablespoons orgeat syrup or 3 tablespoons almond syrup.
  7. ice cube.
  8. 4 slices pineapple, cut into wedges (optional)

Tropical Lava Flow : Making A Lava flow tropical Drink

    1 oz. light rum

1 oz. Malibu® coconut rum

2 oz. strawberries (fresh or frozen)

1 small ripe Hawaiian banana

2 oz. mini pineapple juice

2 oz. coconut pure milk


Photo Ideas  ” gotta have that drink “

Photo ops that might incorporate your tropical coolers include having all of the groomsmen standing with the groom, offering him something cold and colorful to drink before the wedding. Not only does it make a bit of a humorous photo, but it also looks striking to have brightly colored cocktails pictured on a background of either black tuxedos or white linen shirts and pants. You could do the same with bridesmaids, only choosing a drink color that complements their color scheme.

Great ideas to use drinks as props and fun in your wedding beach photos !

Photo of wedding couple drinking out of a coconut.

To give your guests an added “cool” bonus, consider having one of your tropical drinks poured into glasses through an ice luge. You could have a tropical martini (made with coconut rum and almond liqueur) mixed and then served down the ice luge, giving this tropical treat a nice chill before it hits your guests’ glasses.

Here is a video clip below of one of  Aloha island Weddings newlyweds  toasting at Waimanalo beach after
the wedding with sparkling apple cider , it does  looks like wine though because of the Hawaii State Laws couples who decide to have their wedding on the beach are not allowed to drink any type of alcohol and that also includes champagne .


Hawaii beach weddings

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