Justin Ayers & Jill Balagna

Justin and Jill Beach Wedding in Hawaii
with the bride 5 month pregnant they celebrated their union
on the island of Oahu at Waimanalo beach park

Orange hibiscus in the chair sash of fuchsia creates the Hawaiian tropical feel

Al the bridal party looking down at the Hawaii wedding photographer just having some good ole fun

To much fun we had on this beautiful Hawaiian beach wedding day

Our Beach wedding design setup with tropical orange and dark pinks

Our next Generation flash 3d website is found here

Justin Ayers & Jill Balagna

Best man – Jennifer {Sister}
Maid of Honor – Blake {brother}
Justin: 816.935.XXXX and Jill: 816.522.XXXX

June 7th fly in ….
June 10th, 2008.
at/around 11:oo a.m.
For colors we like fuchsia and orange
10 guest …..
will be staying, but it will probably be the Hilton Hawaiian Village



Justin and I would love to set the date of June 10th, 2008. Since you said late morning was a good time to have it at, I believe we would like it to be at/around 11:00am. We arenʼt 100% sure where we will be staying, but it will probably be the Hilton Hawaiian Village . Regarding the location of the actual ceremony we would love to have it take place on the beach in Hawaii thats is fairly private, I would like the background area to be the ocean with no hotels or people.. Excluding Justin and I there will be a total of 10 people in attendance.

Kissing right after they walk down the beach sandy aisle way


A Orange Hibiscus was set in the bow of the dark wrapped chair

As far as the wedding details, we like the Beach Chapel Arch Package but do not need a solo musician. For colors we like fuchsia and orange (like in the Coconut Island Pictures). I like how the back of the chairs have a fuchsia bow and an orange flower.

My best girlfriends the maid of honor and bridesmaid

sitting on the beach taking a break after the wedding photos at Waimanalo beach park

Shaka Hawaiian sign with plumeria bouquet

When the wedding took place in Hawaii Jill was already
3 months pregnant so we decided to do a few photos featuring the baby in her tummy.

An email we received after they received their photos.


Aloha Paul!

Thank you so much for making Justin and Iʼs wedding PERFECT! It was simply amazing! We couldnʼt have asked for anything more. The setup was beautiful. The cake was wonderful. Please let you wife know how gorgeous the flowers and leis were. Also, tell her THANKS for making my bouquet extra special. We just received the pictures today and they had me in tears. I can not wait to show them to everyone. You and Aloha Island Weddings are simply the best!!!

If you ever need referrals feel free to give our numbers out. I would recommend you to anyone!

Thanks again for making our wedding day so great!



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  1. Maia Dobson says:

    The shade of sheer pink and orange are perfect under the light blue sky. something as refreshing as this one.

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