Wedding in Hawaii @ the location of Waimanalo Beach Park
Date : July 25 2011

Karissa Lentz & Brian Klepacki

kissing her newly wed husband after her ceremony wedding on the sands of Waimanalo

Palm arch wedding setup on the beach of Waimanalo

bright yellow and light and dark pink plumerias on the tiki torch at a beach wedding

palm arch for a beach wedding in Hawaii with tiki torches and hawaiian tropical flowers

palm arch for a beach wedding in Hawaii with tiki torches and hawaiian tropical flowers

Hawaiian tropical plumeria flowers scatter the sandy aisle way for the beach hawaii wedding for Karissa

I have a few questions regarding the packages.
I know you elaborated on this subject when we spoke earlier today, but I like the bridal arch package.
Basically, I am looking for an eccentric wedding full of tropical Hawaiian flowers and bright fun color, i want dark pink hibisucs lining the ailse with stargazers
next to them with a few bird of Paradise at the beginning with the tiki torchessand some wild Hawaii fern, More specifically, I like the yellow and pink plumaria colors
thoughout the walkway too , that your client by the name of Melissa used.

antique style photo up at the palm alter in Hawaii

I would like to add a few touches to make it my own, but to be honest,
I haven't gotten that far yet. So, my question is, to bring a enchanting exciting
lively fun ceremony full of colorful flowers can my wedding be like this?
I am looking at in the pictures what I will get in the bridal arch package?

I have some ideas about what I think I want the cake to look like. I was thinking a two tiered square cake lined with blue and yellow
ribbon. I want the blue and yellow ribbon to match the color of the bridesmaid dresses. If you did not receive the email with the pictures
of the girls dresses, please let me know and I will resend it. I would also like pink plumeria to dress the cake. As far as the flavors,
I would like vanilla cream and passion fruit. I want to make sure that both of these flavors are a light color for picture purposes.
In other words, I don't want to have a dark cake in a colorful wedding


inding in the limo to the wedding site with Karissas bridesmaids

doing some hula to get ready for the wedding ceremony

her best friend the maid of honor do some sill expressions for the photograpgher

full bright tropicl Hawaiian bouquet arrangement with plumerias and stargazers

cutting the cake on the beach with the champagne designed glasses

maid of honor in yellow helping the bride clean up after the cake fight

pulling on the garter belt with his teeth on the beach

The wedding rings with flower leis of Maile and white orchids

palm archway of love Hawaii with native Hawaiian flowers

Karissa doing soem poses at her beach wedding under the palm bamboo archway



The kiss of love alone on the beach finally




Arriving to Hawaii : thursday the 21st

Hotel staying at : parents time share : Ohana waikiki west

Fort Derussey Wedding rehearsal Dinner @ the

{meet at Margarita ville at 630pm for sunset photos }


holding her bouquet of bright flowers before her beach wedding


Karissa got her husband in a vice lock

Wedding Date July 25th
Time the ceremony : 2:00 pm
Guest : 21
Staying at the Ohana
Waikiki West
Waikiki limo pickup @ 1:15pm

Bridal Party consist of 6
all together including the
maid on honor + best man
Rachel Fransz (Maid of Honor)
- standing closest to bride
Kyla Lentz- middle
Sarah Lentz- furthest from bride

Craig Klepacki (Best Man)
- standing closest to Groom
Mark Briganti- middle
Jacob Lentz- furthest from groom

My wedding fun photo under the green bamboo palm arch at Waimanalo Beach park

acrhsetup photos blue sky

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