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"To dissolve from the finite, to loosen its hold, to uncondition the foot steps, to forget the name, where one lives,
this is a triumph for me in the moment of photography.
Though the witnessing may be brief like lightning giving light to form in a darken night.
or a shooting star appears momentary but yet remembered for forever ,
and if for only that alone illumination of insight
all the effort and toil is worthwhile "Paul's coordination journal

Ua mau kea oka aina i ka pono oh Hawaii " May the life of the land be perpetuated in righteousness"

"Being true to experiencing the elusive is like a baby eagle taking
flight for the first time overthe cliff into the mysterious field of the open sky"Your coordinator Paul

Radiance -Robust - Radical - Free logic of design coherant outside dis-continuous receptivity

Guided with perfect reason ,orchestrated in non doing

Luminance Adjustment

Create modality to co-arises mutually spontaneously / driving enthusiasm / & excitement
into kaleidoscopic novel endeavorment"Paul

"To have the lovers forget about the photographer
totally emerged melted together is a delight to behold & capture" Paul