I like to call this "Romantic fantasy package "
we added alot of extras to bring the fantasy alive & fun for your Hawaiian beach wedding. We added Edited Drone footage for exciting creative videos + more photography. We added a 2nd photo shoot location into this package for example you could add Sunset photos or have us take you to a secluded forest for Waterfall Photos.



This Package is so cool !! Includes Flower Heart or Circles
Hawaiian Tropical Bouquets

Delicious Cakes Flower Aisle Way Decorations + Designs

Aloha from Hawaii , we specialize in Hawaii beach weddings on the island of Oahu

Unique to Detail with * Love & Heart *
The islands of Hawaii stationed in the middle of the Pacific ocean are thousands of miles away from any large land area this gives the island some of the most purest air, clear sea waters and of course pristine tropical white sandy beaches as seen in the photos . This page is designed to show you what is possible with several examples of Hawaii beach ceremonies on the island of Oahu where couples have created beautiful beach setups. Hawaii beach weddings are as diverse and as unique as people are. This set up made use of the vibrant colors of Hawaii's nature, fire sun monarch silk butterflies ocean blue pastel sashes .