Flower Circles for Oahu beach weddings

Hawaii beach weddings

Hawaii Honolulu wedding planner with heart and soul helping coordinate beach weddings on Oahu and creating unique creative designs for couples dream event .

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  1. Bobbie Jo says:

    Paul I cannot express how thankful I am for you and your wife. Aloha Island wedding went above and beyond to make this day special and to include everyone. It was small but intimate. Zach and I appreciate it.

  2. Carol says:

    Paul & his wife made an amazing last minute wedding for us. By looking at our pics it looks as if we spent months planning it. The flowers were amazingly beautiful my bouquet was gorgeous. Definitely would recommend them to my family and friends

    • Thank you so much its was a pleasure to work with you both , I loved your simple yet elegant beach wedding design with the flower circle
      We are grateful you are allowing us to showcase a few of your photos .

  3. Yaitzanid Figueroa says:

    Hi Paul me and my fiance are looking for a simple beautiful beach wedding and one of the things that also caught my eye was the flower heart.
    please if you have sample picture of how entrance will look?
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Yaitzanid , we look forward to planning a wonderful wedding for you on the island here on Oahu,
      Ok so with a heart flower design you may actualy customize your entrance to match your color theme
      for example is is a closeup view of a flowers on the sand walkway using pinks and yellows as the color theme.
      Yellow and pink walkway with pineapples .

      PS: I just added a few more photos to this blog post of flower heart ideas too , please refresh the page to view them .

      The groom trying to escape out of the heart

  4. Yaitzanid Figueroa says:

    I’m in love with the picture. I can’t wait to see our day. I know that you will do an awesome job. Your great person thank you for your response it was quick. Me and my fiance can’t wait to meet with you.

    • Thank you thats so sweet of you, I hope you like the custom package we made for you
      I just sent it out as a text to your phone , you may add or change anything you want to it , plus all the flowers choices are changeable

  5. Yaitzanid Figueroa says:

    Hi Paul, what would be the beach locations again?

  6. Alixandria says:

    We can’t express more how thrilled we are we found Paul and his wife! Our big day is coming up fast and it’s been extremely stress free with the constant communication Paul has been providing.:) Thank you for everything.

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