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Hawaii beach weddings

Hawaii Honolulu wedding planner with heart and soul helping coordinate beach weddings on Oahu and creating unique creative designs for couples dream event .

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  1. Giselle Gagarin says:

    Hi Paul,

    Can you tell me the best time to have a rehearsal with the bridal party?

  2. s.c says:

    do the bride and groom have/wear microphones during the ceremony so their vows can be heard/understood cearly?
    do you have a speaker/bluetooth for music?

    • Aloha Sara thank you so much for a great question! . Yes the microphone is included for the minister to speak during the wedding , also the reverent will hold the mic for you both to speak into so the guest may hear everything that is said , we have found that the sound of the waves is pretty significant especially if the wedding couple is a little shy to speak loud .
      By the way if there is a video included in the package the groom will wear a wireless microphone for the video .
      Also yes there is blue tooth connectivity too yahhhh ..
      Aloha Paul Agung
      Head coordinator with

  3. Giselle says:

    Hi Paul,

    Are the florist decorating the centerpieces or will we need to bring the supplies for it?

    • Hi Giselle nice to hear from you here : } Yes the florist will come by and start decorating the center pieces for the tables
      while you all are at the wedding ceremony, I will check with the reception manager to see what time they
      will open the doors and have the tables ready for her to do them . We will supply the glass vases for the flower arrangements
      and are able to get the candles too.

  4. Giselle says:

    Hi Paul,

    What are some other hotels you recommend for the bride & bridesmaid to get ready in the day of the wedding?

    • Aloha , unfortunately so many of Hawaii’s regular Hotel rooms are pretty small { i think they realize that you will not be spending much time in them } Though for your wedding day while getting ready its so nice to have a larger upgraded room we recommend a larger suite or a one bedroom just because to have the photographer be able to get those photos especially if you have a few bridesmaids it will fell very cramped .
      Ok so here are a few Hotel we like to recommend :
      Hotel’s we recommend

      Hilton Hawaiian Village

      Welcome to the island paradise of Hilton Hawaiian Village® Beach Resort & Spa. Located on Waikiki’s
      widest stretch of beach, this impressive property is nestled on 22 oceanfront acres, offering the perfect mix of exquisite hotel
      accommodations and classic Hawaiian hospitality

      The Kahala Hotel & Resort is Hawaiis reigning luxury resort, set on a secluded beach just ten minutes from the world class
      shopping and entertainment of Waikiki. This legendary hideaway resort in Honolulu’s plush Kahala district is a favorite with presidents,
      international royalty and celebrities. From the moment you arrive, you will know that you are truly somewhere special.

      The New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel, Waikiki’s quiet paradise, is nestled between a white sand beach and historic Kapiolani Park.

      Also I will be answering this question in more detail above as Question number 6 .
      Thank you

  5. Carol says:

    Would the dark green color be a good
    fit for the my wedding chair sash ?

  6. Aloha Carol, the colors for the sashes i feel is a personal choice , though the main colors that you see on the beach are :
    Turquoise for the ocean waters :
    White from the ocean foam and clouds of the sky
    Blue color from the sky
    and the dark green from the Hawaiian mountains .

  7. Giselle says:

    Hi Paul,

    I have 2 flower girls. Will you be able to have baskets for both of them?

  8. Hi Giselle yes we have many different flower baskets to choose from that you may use , I will send you some photos of them .

  9. Kevin and Tamara says:

    Hey Paul!

    Just wanted to get your thoughts on what our specific timeline for the wedding day should look like… How much time for hair and makeup for two people? Time for photographs before and after ceremony? Would you recommend we have our ceremony later in the day than noon for lighting purposes?

    • Hi Kevin & Tamara nice to hear from you both ,
      Thank you for the questions :
      Ok so here is an idea of a simple timeline for your wedding day
      This is with your wedding is starting at 12:00pm noon
      btw : We only do one wedding a day so we are open to any time that you would like.

      Hair and makeup arrives to your hotel room by @ 9:00am
      {Usually the H&M artist takes anywhere from 1hr & a half with the bride though for H&M
      for a mother or bridesmaid goes longer so we suggest having the hair or makeup artist
      bring a partner or assistant to help}
      Groom leaves Hotel at 10:45am
      Leave hotel in Waikiki at 11:00am
      {Takes about 40min to get to the wedding location from Waikiki}
      Groom arrive to wedding beach location at 11:30am
      Bride arrive to Location at 11:45am
      Bride meets photographer takes photos
      Wedding starts at 12:00pm
      Wedding ceremony / vows / leis / readings / finish @ 12:20pm
      Family photos and romantic bridal photos till 2:00pm
      Head back to Waikiki @ 200pm arrive @ 2:45pm

      Having your wedding at 12pm is a might be little early { its up to you both }
      I would recommend 1pm or 2pm
      Having your wedding in the afternoon is a good time because usually the wind picks up around 400pm and their is more of a chance of it being cloudy or rain after 5pm on the beach .
      Kevin i hope this helps as a timeline idea for your special day coming up,
      Aloha Paul

      • Kevin and Tamara says:

        Ok, sounds good! Looks like we might push it a little later then. I’ll keep you posted! Looking forward to your email.

  10. Hi Kevin & Tamara Thank you for the detailed recent email ,
    I received your PDF Hawaii beach wedding file on the specifics of your colors and flowers ideas,
    I will be sending you an email soon

  11. Ninia and Arri says:

    Hi Paul!

    Just curious… Would it be possible for you to give us/email us an estimated cost if our wedding was held in the Laie private estate with the beach in the back surrounded by many coconut trees? I quite like the setting. Please include other vendor fees as well. Thank you!

    • Hi Ninia and Arri thank you so much for the questions i will email you more specific details to ideas for a wedding ceremony out in Laie North shore Oahu . Nina could let us know the address of the private estate house and will be able to tell you more info on the site location.
      In regards to vendor fees for travel outside of the Honolulu area , The vendors charge a fee of $75 , for your package it would be for the minister & photographer no charge for the coordinator / setup helper or florist though .

  12. Shantel says:

    Hi, Paul. What are your suggestions for getting from our hotel to the beach? How is parking for any guests that I may have? Will you provide a lists for hair, makeup, marriage license website, catering, and any other helpful necessities?

    • Hi Shantel thankyou for the questions , Ok for the locations of Waimanalo / Makapuu / Ko’olau / Paradise park or North shore areas there are many open and spacious parking spaces for your guest as long as its under 5 cars , For Waialae beach park or locations near Waikiki its fairly more tight and crowded and fills up easily so we recommend hiring a limo for those locations especially if its a weekend , we will help you with reserving and setting up the pickup time and location with the limo companies. For the The marriage license address you may find on questions above here, the address is
      1250 Punchbowl St, Honolulu, HI 96813 and the Hawaii marriage website is here . I will send you our list of preferred vendors for Hair and makeup to your email and answer the remainder questions to your private email . Thankyou Aloha Island Weddings

  13. Neil harris says:

    Aloha Paul,

    What’s the best time of day to get married on the beach?

    • Great question, for this October and November months i would say from 1 to 5pm is the best time for ceremonies,
      there so many variables in regard to the time of the season location of the wedding site ,
      For Waimanalo and Makapuu beach locations for example we like to have are weddings finished by 5pm because we find that it tends to get more windy and cloudy as the sun moves behind the mountain koolau ranges of Oahu .

  14. Sara says:

    Hi Paul. How long are the aisles? Can you make it longer/shorter?

    • Hi Sara , Wow so wonderful to have you join us here ! Thank you welcome to our new updated blog ,
      Ok to answer your question , the actual aisle way with the flowers is about 15 feet long { usually the distance of about 3 rows of chairs } though where you start to walk from is about give or take 100 to 150 feet away , usually its takes 50 seconds to walk in , though sometimes brides want to have the whole song played for the processional piece and in that case once we keep the music going to the end while you two look into each others eyes under the arch .
      PS: yes we can make it shorter and longer also .

      • Sara says:

        Yayy! Thank you for the quick reply. That will be perfect for the song we have chosen!

        • Yes look forward to hearing the songs you have decided on for your special day in Hawaii ! , remember to have at least three song to choose
          the musician or the music played on the sound system is there is started as the guest arrive which is usually 15 minuets before the wedding starts so Hawaiian love songs are the usual request though if you have some other songs you wanted to be played just let me know and i will make sure it will be on for your guest to hear. Please choose a special song for the bridal party or anyone walking in before you , that includes flower girls and or ring boys / your song / plus a song for the recessional { walking out }. You know a lot of couples decide to have a first dance right on the beach after the wedding too , the scenery is really nice with great photo opportunities too .

  15. Ninia & Arri says:

    How do brides usually ship/transport the wedding dress? Any suggestions?

    • Hi Ninia ,great to hear from you ,
      yes alot of brides choose to ship their wedding dress plus items they order online so they dont have so much to bring on the plane to Hawaii , if you are able to please ship about 2 months before your ceremony event here just incase something happens we will have enough time to track where it is . With that being said brides in the past have shipped Via UPS or USPS or Fed Ex the later being the fastest but the more expensive, please make sure you get the tracking added to the box being shipped so we will be able to see where it is on its journey here, usually it takes about 3 to 4 days to arrive in Hawaii.
      Ps: You may send it to our Office address here :
      1154 Fort street Mall suite 208
      Honolulu Hawaii, 96813
      please address to ALOHA ISLAND WEDDINGS attention Paul Agung

  16. Ninia & Arri says:

    Where can we get a box big enough for the wedding dress? And do you have any idea where to have host the wedding reception at for a party of under 50 guests?

  17. Ninia & Arri says:

    Hi Paul,

    We are looking for an affordable place to have our reception. We will provide our own food and drinks. We just need a casual place to celebrate with our family of about 50 guests. Do you have any recommendations?

  18. Yaitzanid Figueroa says:

    Hi Paul, just catching up and want to go over some details for my wedding on Feb 9, 2019. We have couple more days what to ask you if these songs are okay to use for the wedding. Also I won’t want to forget to have that flower heart I want same color from the arch not so much of the green leafs please I would appreciate it.
    Beach wedding setup Colors: Pinks, dark pink, white (if there’s also like a darker color Red or Burgundy please send me a picture if you do have for a sample) and natural Hawaiian bamboo with roses and tropical flowers. If i’m not mistaking this is what we had already talk over the phone but i can’t remember what the flowers are called. White sheer material dark pink plumerias on the sand. The leis i think i gave you the colors white for my fiancee and color and white for mines. Please let me know if I’m missing anything else. Also want to ask you if you can send me a link of the limo and how much for that just so my fiancee and his groomsman can go on the car and me and my bridesmaid on the limo? Thank You Paul

  19. Christopher says:


    My fiancé and I are looking to get married in Oahu. We are looking into late April or May to get married, depending on availability of course. We would really like some help coordinating a wedding for 100-150 people.

    Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Chris Thank you for the message , we do have many dates still available for May and April 2020 , though for a beach weddings the State of Hawaii only allows up to 30 guest max, if your wanting to have your wedding in one of the hotels on Oahu / Waikiki there are some great areas to have your ceremony right near the beach but on the grounds of the hotel, for example the Kahala resort or the Hilton Hawaiian village .
      Please let me know if this is something you may be interested in .
      Aloha and congratulations on your upcoming wedding .

  20. BestEvonne says:

    Simply beautiful photos and video of a North shore wedding !

  21. Fleur Awater 63 Lindeboom Mook, Netherlands, 6585BE
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    March 13, 2020
    Internship request
    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    Aloha! While searching online on companies for my internship, I found your company Aloha Island Weddings. When I read everything about the weddings you organize, I got really enthusiastic. Organizing these beautiful weddings has always been my dream. I would love to do my internship at Aloha Island Weddings.
    My name is Fleur Awater and at the moment, I am a second-year student International Leisure & Events Management at the Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. I am looking for a third-year internship of twenty weeks. My preference is to start in September and work the first part of next school year. I have always had a great affinity with organizing and planning. Since I was fifteen years old, I organize different events, for instance, korfball camp at my sports club Eendracht ’30 in Mook. I love to make other people happy with creating special moments for them, because I think moments are remembered rather than days.
    My motivation and enthusiasm will have a good influence on the team. In addition, through my catering experience, I have a lot of experience in the field of hospitality and I know how to respond on the needs of the guests. When I look on your website to the pictures of the weddings you organized, I see the weddings are very creative with their own beautiful details. That is what I really like, no two weddings are the same, so that challenges me to remain unique and to come up with new ideas. I am very interested to experience the whole process of organizing a wedding and this would be a great opportunity to develop myself within this work field.
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  22. Is this your Twitter ?
    I saw a circle archway that I’m interested in , please contact me

  23. Your Information is great love the tropical colors of Hawaii
    Im looking to propose on Oahu is this available
    On this Hawaii wedding site

  24. Love Always says:
    I would like a setup I found on Pinterest here
    please let me know if its possible thank you and Mahalo

  25. I’m gone to inform my little brother, that he should also go to
    see this Hawaii wedding proposal site here : because we wants to ask his girl friend to marry her .
    Aloha Thankyou so much , I just loved see all your amazing engagement photos !

  26. Vow Renewal says:


    My parents Oliver and Sandy are celebrating their 35th anniversary on Sept 2. My brother with his wife and 2 sons (5yo and 2yo), as well as myself with my husband and one son (1yo), are going to be travelling to Honolulu to meet my parents (they live there) and celebrate their anniversary. We want to have a special, but simple, celebration for them on Sunday, Sept 3, ideally in the early afternoon around 3-4 pm. We would love to have your help to make this happen. It would be a surprise for them, but we would make sure they wear white. 🙂

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  27. This excellent website really has all of the info I needed concerning this
    subject and didn’t know who to ask.

    My name is Arnell and my partner’s name is Rachel.
    We will be coming to Oahu (staying in Waikiki from October 7-14) and I plan on proposing to her during the trip.
    I saw your proposal site here :

    I am interested in doing a Beach Proposal and would like to know more about your pricing!

    – What is the base price and what does this include?
    – What is the price of any add-ons?
    – Are there economical options for tight budgets?

    The preferred date for the proposal is October 10th.

    Thank you for your time,


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