Hawaii beach wedding with your kids

Children add joy , fun and of course cuteness to any event they attend , if you’re a Mom wanting to have a wedding in Hawaii on the beach this may just be for you . There are a few simple items to add to your ceremony to include  your little ones into the most special day of your life your wedding ceremony ! .
These flower girls at a beach wedding on Oahu wore flower head leis that their parents gave them right before the wedding began .

Children love to play and have especially if there is a beach and sea  , so if you’re thinking of having a marriage on the sand in Hawaii here are a few tips and ideas to bring them into your special day .
1.Flower girls and ring boys of your bridal party and wedding ceremony will probably be found running up & down the beach or playing along the shoreline after the wedding , so make sure you appoint one of the family members to keep an eye on them . The flower girl playing with her mother’s bouquet after their beach wedding in Hawaii.

Children at beach weddings in Hawaii

2 . If your wanting to include your children for your Hawaii beach wedding you could have the minister form a circle prayer where you all hold hands and pray for a blessing on your family, or you could do a unity sand ceremony where children choose their favorite color and then mix the colors all together as a symbol of unity of non-separation . Here is a Video of Flowers girls the children of the wedding couple blowing bubbles before the Hawaii wedding ceremony begins.

3.Many Wedding couples that include their children in the ceremony may often buy a special necklace from the island { puka shell necklace or koa wood bracelet } to give them as a symbol of love as an inclusive part of the ceremony . Aloha Island Weddings offer many ideas and special offers for including your children into the wedding that are free .




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