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Destination Indian wedding is a celebratory galant event of an occasion especially in India and its culture. People of all age group wholeheartedly enjoy and participate in wedding rituals that may go on for days and days , but in an indian destination ceremony such as Hawaii the ritual of the vows and ceremony may only last from 1 to 3 hours such as our newly wedded couple “ Lotus and Rama “ featured in the photo of this article.

   Rama & Lotus listen to the Hindu Priest he explains the meaning of the ritual
      At their Hawaii beach wedding on Oahu

Western culture has influenced modern indian weddings when they are performed in the states , usually the west  is amazed to watch Indian weddings and its colorful ancient styles. There are many elements which make the event very special and unique for example  : The Indian flavorful cuisine , bold bright floral arrangements, Makeup , Jewelry adornment and colorful vibrant Dresses and outfits.

  The beauty of the art of mehndi at this Wedding in Hawaii

On the day of wedding, you can easily differentiate bride and groom in a crowd of several hundred people. The radiant face, glittering make up and magnificent outfit, the combination of these three elements makes the bride and groom stand out of rest. The dresses donned by bride and groom are the perfect style statement and multiply their aura. The wedding trends and rituals in India are very intricate for example the bride prepares herself usually for up to 12 hours by having an Mehndi artist paint all over her body , this is believed to bring  happiness and prosperity  to the wedding and strengthens the bond of a lifelong relationship.
An Indian bride typically wears bright red dress and or gold and white with immaculate ethnic embroidery. The bride they say is comparable to an angel who has descended from heaven to greet her earthly King { the regalia and stories ancient weddings of India create the imaginations for many indian brides } . It’s also customary for all who attend to wear their finest attire where guest show off the most expensive finest threads of hand woven material which India is famous for.

Red & Gold are the primary colors for indian weddings as it is considered very sacred full of power and strength as in this photo you will see the indian arch with red fabric material


Traditional Indian sari that was worn by the bride “Lotus “  in Hawaii  had gem embellished materials with deep maroon color and gold hand sewn silk giving the exquisite Indian exotic theme .

The outfit of groom was embroidered light gold and white material . Supreme craftsmanship and elaborate designs on the outfit impart royalty and elegance to the personality of the groom , on his wedding day he choose to wear a Punjabi Kurta ,
{The contemporary Indian grooms are as concerned about looking charming and irresistible as their brides. They have become very particular about their appearance and are increasingly defining their outfit with ethnic and contemporary accessories that complement their wedding attire.}

Indian wedding celebrations are not one day affair as numerous rituals are performed in the entire event. After all it’s the celebration of a lifetime. The shoppers (bride, groom and their family members) spend large amounts of money on attires and jewelry. Everything should be matching and apt for the occasion. It is quite interesting to note that even attendees and guests of the wedding ceremony aspire to appear beautiful and clad garish, gaudy colored clothes. The bride’s love for her dress  is the sari also pronounced Saree . Sari is a long fabric worn with a blouse and skirt wrapped around the body usually of the materials like Georgette, Silk,, Chiffon, Chanderi, Bandhej, Crepe, Bemberg, Soft Satin. This style indian dress works well as it is both  graceful and easy to walk around with especially on the beach in Hawaii,
PS : If you are ardent follower of Indian fashion and craftsmanship then attend Indian weddings and closely watch the colorful culture and rituals of Indian .

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