James and Julia Wedding

Flower Leis on the Hawaii beach arch for James and Julia
for their wedding in Hawaii

Hawaii beach wedding with on the bamboo archway of yellow plumerias and pink and green orchids with tropical color chiffon

The Brides yellow plumeria bouquet on the sand by the chairs under a parasol

Welcome to our wedding website our new generation flash photo gallery may be found here

I had a chance to snap a few photos before everyone arrived , here you can see Julia’s yellow plumeria bouquet set on the umbrellas , iridescent shimmering pink sashes were used on a white light cotton fabric for the chairs, yellow and dark pink plumeria accentuated and complimented the colors of the wedding theme.

The wedding chair sash that has an anthurium in the bow of the chair

James and Julia’s gazebo design used orange pink Indian sunset and fuchsia color fresh
plumeria flowers stand of yellow and fuchsia color dark pink were used to high light the color.

under the arch the children play while the flower leis blow in the wind

After the wedding photo with smiling Julia

It was a pleasure working with both James and Julia, they both were flying high with incitement on their wedding. James reminded me how much joy and fun it is to be in love his enthusiasm and love for Julia shinned through out the whole event. After their photographer went home we stayed back to take a few more photos as the sun started to go down , here is a fav shoot of mine.
PS: when they kissed they wouldn’t stop they kept going and going i think this smooch lasted for about 5 minuets!.

Date: Thursday June 19th 2008! @ 4:30 p.m. till sunset.
Place: Kailua Beach
Package:Beach Chapel
Guests: Approximately 30
Set-Up: The Fantastic Fairies Bamboo w/orange sunset sashes with silken organza rainbow cloth (Fusia, Soft Vanilla Pink, Orange & Cranberry Red)

We would like to change the chair sash color from Pink to Orange and add on a yellow plumeria flower to each chair sash.


Flower Aisle: Yellow & Pink Plumeria Flowers
Bridal Bouquet: Yellow & White Plumeria bouquet in a round style
Bridesmaids Bouquet: Pink & Orange Plumeria flowers in a long style bouquet. I also want these flowers for the bridesmaids to be smaller than my bouquet.


flying to Hawaii week and half Staying at the hotel
Hotel : Marriot in Waikiki

Koikalo’o beach location…

Reception at the Marriot Hotel
Kuhio Beach grill /

some of there Hawaii beach wedding setups found here
I have always liked this shoot with the sheer organza material used for ther wedding arch is used like angel wings , when the wind blows just right an awesome effect happens.

Jame and Julia just finished giving each other cake

The flower shower

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