Brandon Ray & Rachel Thongtavee Wedding Hawaiian wedding
Date : 6 / 20

guest count at 19

1000am Bride ready for Hair and Makeup

10:30 pre wedding photographer arrives to estate house

11:30 pickup the guys at the hotel

12:15pm drop them off at wedding site

time of wedding ceremony 1:00pm

cake cutting 1:30

first dance on the beach 145pm

guest leave to go to Luau at 200pm

luau starts at 5:00pm

seating chart PDF

We are getting excited on our end and I wanted to make sure we have everything squared away for the wedding. I've attached the Bridal Bouquet
design idea sheet as well as the Wedding Cake idea sheet - we would like a square wedding cake with the three tiers (we had previously
discussed on the phone that you could do the three tiers for no additional cost since I won't be having a bridal party). Our final guest count is
19 people and we have come up with a seating chart with how we would like the chairs to be set up for the wedding.
Please let me know if you have any questions about this or if it is not doable.

We did have a few questions we have had in mind:

1. On the Friday that we are meeting, what is the schedule like for that morning? What time do we do the cake tasting, how long does that take, etc.
Do you know if the government will be open that day? We have already filled out and printed the application for the marriage license.
What happens afterward? Do we get the license immediately? Do we have to wait for it to be mailed?

For the day of the wedding:

1. We are planning on having the limo pick Brandon and his brother up at Aqua Waikiki Pearl at 11:45am,
and then picking their mother's husband up from Castle Ocean Resort, and then dropping them off at the wedding site.
Then subsequently, picking my mother, his mother, and me up from our house in Waimanalo and dropping us off at the wedding site. Does this sound like
something they will be able to do?
2. Do you feel comfortable with what we have sent as far as what we envision the set up to be? Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this.

4. Regarding the leis: We will need 7 total: 1 for the bride (white orchid), 1 for the groom (maile lei), 3 for male immediate family (kukui shell), 2 for female immediate family (sweet white ginger).
5. We are fine with either Rev. Kimo or Mahalani Mix as being the officiant for the wedding. Please let us know which one will be able to do it so that we can put this on our marriage license.
6. We had requested a ukelele player as our musician. Do you know who will be doing it? Is there any video available of them performing?
I wanted "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" (the Israel Kamakawiwo'ole version) to be playing as I walk down the aisle.
Are they able to sing the song as well? Is there an extra fee for this?
7. How much would it be to have the conch to announce the beginning of the ceremony?
8. What time do you think pictures will start? How long do these typically last?

I think this wraps everything up -- I know you guys are busy, so after we get these questions answered I think we will be set.

We are excited to meet you! I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for the reply. We will be sending the deposit in the next few days. At what point after that should we begin to nail down the details?

Yes please send me as much info you have about your guest also the colors and flowers you are wanting to use?

Yes we took it down because we dint hear back form you, i will have your website back online .

It was nice talking to you on the phone yesterday. There will be approximately 30 guests at our wedding on June 20th,
We are interested in the setup to be like Melissa & Joey's wedding. The turquoise is beautiful. I've attached a photo of you, as you requested.

What cake is included? Are there photos? I looked at some of the photos on the internet, but they ranged from simple to more intricate,
so I wanted to make sure I knew what we would be getting. How much time is the cake made ahead of time?
usually about three days

Cake pdf

The wedding is planned for Monday, June 20th, and we will be getting into Hawaii on that Friday before.
After watching a few of the videos, we saw the bride getting ready in a room, that I assume is at the estate that you talked about on the phone.
I just wanted to make sure this would be available to prepare for the wedding in. Is this available for the groom as well?

yes you may do a cake cutting at the beach park.
What time do you recommend having the ceremony at?

my fav time is about 1200 to 100pm the lighting for photos is great ..

We will be attending a luau later (I believe it starts @ 5pm) and we wanted to have plenty of time for photos, cake cutting, etc without feeling rushed.
Are we able to review and make any edits to the vows?
What are the limo options within the package? Are we able to upgrade? If so, what are the options/cost

yes you may upgrade to a larger limo that holds 20 guest @ about $70 an hour more

Do we get full ownership rights of the photos on the CD?


I was still unable to look at the options for the bouquets. Could you send me a link for this?

Sorry about all the questions ... we just want to make sure we are well informed. After we talked last night,
I think we are going to want to pretty much do the whole Arch package.
All that we would like to take out at this point is the prints/album from the photography and we will only need the bride & maid of honor bouquets --

not for a whole wedding party.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you ... Thank you for all your help!

Aloha Paul and Dewi

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