Hawaii Wedding Entertainment with Aloha to fit your personality :

* Melodies from the Heart *
Wedding music on the beach in Hawaii has become a fun part for the guest to enjoy as they wait for the event to begin . Before the wedding takes place couples may decide to choose songs that fit their style and personality, we find here at aloha Island Weddings that many couples choose the Hawaiian ukulele and or hula dancer to reflect the spirit of the island culture .
Apart from that music conveys a message of joy and celebration reflecting happiness of both the bride and the groom .


Ukulele - Harp - Violin - Cello - Piano - Guitar
* Melodies from the Heart *
Hula girl dances under the wedding arch for Toshi and Suzannes wedding in Hawaii.


Hula dancer with Ukulele and Harp

Hawaii fire dancer at a wedding reception
* Love on Fire - Baby light my Fire *


Wedding music strikes the tone for a elegant event

Music Entertainment for your wedding





Music is the tone that weaves all parts of your wedding ceremony together it helps relaxed the guests as they arrive and are seated. Serenaded by Hawaiian music on the ukulele or hula dancers or the romance and elegance of a harp is a frequent choice of wedding couples. twin hula dancers perform for the Hawaiian wedding at waimanalo Music helps define the beginning of the ceremony from the start of the brides maids entrance to the bridal processional. Music sets the mood and atmosphere, for the whole event . At a Hawaii Destination weddings the first dance is sometimes performed right after the ceremony, the newly weds are escorted close to the shore break and ask to hold each other the musician then serenades a slow dance while the couple are swaying in each others arms, this provides a nice opportunity for your photographer and guest to take some photos and video. Hawaii destination wedding are unique as the couples are so take off your shoes and feel the sand beneath your feet and dance in your lovers arms.

Musician singing somewhere over the Rainbow Hawaiian style for
wedding couple at Makapuu beach Park on the island of Oahu

Kualoa beach park at Chinamens Hat , Harpist Sharene and Cellist
Joe play together at a wedding in Hawaii

Harpist playing music under the bamboo gazebo in Hawaii on the beach at Waimanalo

Children playing with the harp on the beach

Joe Lohmeier & Sharene Taba

The groom serenades his bride walking down the aisle on the beach of Hawaii

Repertoire for Violinist

photo of Violinist at wedding

Music adds the warmth and personal atmosphere to any event especially for your wedding.The selections are numerous you may choose from a harpist to a solo ukulele to hula dancer and drummers!!. String quartet featuring two violins a cello and a harpist or just a trio of harp flute and violin may be added to any package that you choose with Aloha island Weddings.Our Beach Chapel arch package for example one may add any solo instrument of your liking a guitarist, flautist, Hawaiian ukulele, hula da bride playing the ukulele to harpist .Live music brings that charm and ambiance which is un unparallel to any CD player. Music in all its forms is loved in Hawaii from big luaus to your night entertainment in the hotel you will find music all over the island of Hawaii which is an essential part of the Aloha spirit. Here is the repertoire of the our harpist Harpist repertoire

Music expresses that which cannot be said
and on which it is impossible to be silent.
~ Victor Hugo

Fire Dancers at Wedding in Hawaii

Hawaii weddings & Hawaii beach weddings

Hawaiian ukulele player Gena plays her instrument for the wedding on the beach at Waimanalo
Ukulele Hawaii wedding music

Flower girl and ring boy try their hand at playing the harp after their mom and dad had their
renewal of vows after 10 years of marriage