Carol Chan and Jason Tong

Hotel staying at Out Rigger Regency
Beach walk }

bride and bridesmaid jump in the air celebrating the love thats happening

more jumping from the bride

rainbow plumeria bouquet and white calla lilly Hawaiian style





Bridesmaids :


guest count : 25

Maid of honor: Casey

2 bridesmaids, michelle / susan

{Reception Diamondhead Waikiki }
reception starts @ 6:00pm




What time will the photographer come to our hotel for get-ready photos? ok so your limo arrives at 100pm to take you to the wedding site.
the guest large excursion limo will arrive at 1240pm
i will have the photographer show up at 1000am to shoot till 1130am { or let me know what time you want her there????
i have the photographer for you for about an hour and half

After looking at our document of wedding details, how do you feel about it? We would like to receive some feedback from you to let us know if our ideas are feasible. yes yes they are wonderful let me look if there is anything in that you added outside of the package ,,
but the design looks great.


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beach side ceremony setup in Hawaii with light pink sashes and pineapples with tiki torches and butterflies

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