Basic details for our Hawaii beach wedding

Ideas for a timeline , photos , outfits , Hair & makeup / guest list for our ceremony event 
Locations :  Waimanalo Beach Park
or Kualoa Beach Park

Kualoa beach park with the mountain view behind

information for a wedding next year in June with Aloha island Weddings

Kualoa Beach Park Video

Waimanalo Beach Park

Wedding date: June 7, 2019

Time of Wedding: Morning wedding (10am)

Wedding Guest :  Best Man: Brandon Drake; Maid of Honor: Denise Myrick

Oahu wedding Officiant: Keri Cramm

Wedding Location: Waimanalo Beach Park

Website Hawaii Package:

Colors and the wedding couple likes:

  • Wedding theme colors: multi color plumerias , grape purple and accents of dark pinks :  
  • Flowers: plumerias (rainbow, yellow, dark pink), orchids (purple), hibiscus, stargazers


  • 5:30 am Dory’s check in
  • 5:45-8:30 am  Styling (hair and makeup
  • 8:00 Paul
  • 8:45-9:10 Dress
  • 9:10-10:00 Drive to wedding location
  • 9:30am Keri arrives
  • 9:30am Groom and Brandon arrive
  • 10:00-12:30 Wedding
    • Leis to parents
    • Leis to each other
    • Keri– announce to guest what we are doing (Paul will play rainbow of the water)
    • Leis to table to get bowl to ocean (prayer as we toss flower)
    • Ceremony
    • Torch
  • ?-? Kualoa Ranch and Zipline
  • ?-? Polynesian Luau or Paradise Cove Luau

Save the Dates/Invitations

  • Save the dates
  • Invitations

Guest List

Groom /Bestman outfits

  • Curtiss:
    • Hawaiian Tie from Swap Meet,
    • white shirt (rolled to elbow),
    • Khaki pants
    • Vest
    • Khaki shoes
  • Brandon:
    • Hawaiian Tie from Swap Meet,
    • white shirt (rolled to elbow),
    • Khaki pants
    • Khaki shoes
  • Set up hair appointment for Groom and best man-? Thursday, June 6th
  • Need to get Brandon a Hawaii Tie!!

Hair and Makeup

  • Reveal 808.271.6495 (business); Mobile (808-271-6495)
    • Allison Miyamoto


  • Alternations
  • Underwear/Swimsuit
  • Clothes to change into after wedding

Marriage License Application & Stuff

  • Marriage License Application→  Fill out online for $65.00 + time for processing; the application is valid for 1-yr
    • Locator #:
  • Marriage License Pickup: Hawaii State Department of Health
    • Vital Records (first floor) →  1250 Punchbowl St., Honolulu, HI 96813 (parking is limited in front of the health department). There is metered parking at the Hawaii State Capitol building.
    • Once the marriage license is obtained→ valid only for 30 days

Aloha Island Weddings

  • Oahu wedding planner Paul Agung
    • 808 294 9385

Custom created Paradise Package

Bride and Groom

  • Bride:
    • Bridal Bouquet-
      • Global design with primarily rainbow plumeria with purple orchids as accents
    • Lei- Rainbow plumerias
    • Haku- rainbow plumeria (big and full)
Rainbow plumeria flower head Lei ” Haku flower band for the bride also the same flowers for her wedding lei too 
Sample lei for the Groom , Maile lei wrapped with white orchids 
  • Groom:
    • Maile Lei- green with white orchid intertwined   
  • Denise-matron of honor:
    • fuchsia plumeria bouquet- global design but smaller than brides
  • Brandon (Best Man)-
    • Nut and shell lei (green)
  • Leis for our parents (total of 5) :(Mom, Dad, Mike, Joan, Keri)
    • Single layer leis (purple orchids for females and shells for males)

Set up

  • Guestbook (Erin is doing painting)
  • Flower pathway up to the heart of flower
    • Heart of flowers:
    • Walk way-
      • White/yellow plumerias and purple orchids on sand (full)
      • Stargazers and hawaiian fern greenery outlining the aisle
      • Starfish and conch shell at the entrance
  • People are going to be standing in circle around us–
Conch shell plus minister / coordinator Paul will blow the shell before the bride walks up to the flower heart


Photography/ Videography

  • Hawaii Professional Photographer 2 {hours}
    • Two scenic photography location choice
    • Up to 300 to 500 photos High Definition on DVD / CD
    • Owner the print rights { with print release }
    • Also, Sepiah plus Black & White photo included
    • Pictures that I want:
      • Photo Ideas
  • Hawaii Professional Video:
    • Wedding Ceremony Video
    • Full-song edited summary on DVD
    • Introductory scenes of Honolulu via helicopter
    • Full-song edited summary on DVD
    • Wedding ceremony, recessional

Wedding Cake w/ flower design and cupcakes.  

  • Include is a cake table with the choice of color table, cloth/utensils, cake cutting knife and server
    • Cake= red velvet with sweet butter cream
      • Plumeria flowers streaming down as in photo
    • Cupcakes= vanilla
      • White serving tier with single plumeria as in photo
The wedding couple wants this idea with the cup cakes though will be using a more modern all white cake stand


  • Customized hand calligraphy decorative certificate
  • Aloha weddings will provide a table for photos and guestbook.
  • Also included is a sound system for music and a microphone for the minister
    • Curtiss will have mic attached to suit
    • Keri will be holding a microphone
  • Tent setup in case of rain
  • Aloha Weddings will provide the cooler with ice- the couple will provide own drinks
  • *Wedding Beach Park location
  • Wedding Beach Permit

Thank You Cards

Changing my name checklist

  • DMV: License, Registration and Title
  • Social Security Card
  • Post Office
  • Passport
  • Bank Accounts: Checks and ATM card
  • Credit Cards
  • Professional License
  • Loans: Student
  • HR department: Insurance and 401(K)
  • Voter registration
  • Doctor’s office


Photo Ideas


  • Parents
    • Bride + Groom + B&G Parents
    • Bride + Groom + Bride’s Parents
    • Bride + Groom + Groom Parents
    • Bride + Parents
      • Bride + Everett
      • Bride + Lisa
    • Groom + Parents
      • Groom + Mike
  • Wedding Party
    • Bride +Maid of Honor
    • Bride + Groom + Maid of Honor
    • Groom + Best Man
    • Groom + Bride + Best Man
    • Maid of honor + Bride + Groom + Best man
  • Grandparents
    • Bride + Groom + Bride’s Grandparents (Pictures) +including picture of Joann!!
    • Bride + Groom + Joan
    • Bride + Pictures-?
    • Bride + Joan
    • Groom + Joan
    • Groom + Mike and Joan
  • Extended Family
    • Bride + Suey
    • Bride + Groom + Suey
    • Bride + Groom + all RI friends
    • Bride + all RI friends
    • Bride + Groom + Cramms
    • Bride + Cramms
    • Bride + Groom + Bakers
    • Groom +Bakers
    • Bride + Groom+ Forentino’s
    • Bride + Forentino’s

Trash the dress

Hawaii beach weddings

Hawaii Honolulu wedding planner with heart and soul helping coordinate beach weddings on Oahu and creating unique creative designs for couples dream event .

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