The art of getting lei’d at your wedding in Hawaii

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  1. Ninia and Arri says:

    Hi Paul,

    I would like as close to coral color in the lei as possible, and Arri would like the maile lei.

    • Wonderful choices for flower leis , yes the Maile leis is the traditional one that bride gives the the groom to wear during the ceremony in Hawaii.
      The specific Maile lei that we use is called Tea Leaf Maile ,
      For your color coral , we will have the florist paint a the white orchid flowers coral the petals easily absorb the special floral flower paint , we will have them use a coral color because its rare to have that color flower lei in Hawaii .
      For example here is a lei that the florist painted turquoise Turquoise painted Hawaiian lei

  2. Megan says:

    Hi Paul,

    As discussed in a previous email, Travis would like a maile lei, and i would also like a white flower lei with greenery. Also, I see a bride above with a white and green haku, where should i get one of those?

    • Hi Megan great to hear from you , yes I did receive lei request photo for Travis ,
      The Hawaiian Maile lei is the traditional one thats wore for the groom excellent choice
      there are two different styles that are wore at weddings in Hawaii , One with orchids swirled around the greenery and other just without< here is a photo example Maile lei with and without white orchids
      Also here is two different ideas for the flower head lei you were looking for one is a larger more fuller style and the other is a smaller thinner one please let me knowThinner flower head lei
      full flower head lei

  3. Megan says:

    Hi Paul,

    Leaning more towards the second one- but here is one off your website that I like as well:

    Which I think is a happy medium

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