Beach wedding designs in Hawaii

Adding Beauty To Your Hawaii Beach Wedding Experience With Unique Designs & Local Flowers

Florals represent excitement, color , beauty art and life , now this makes up a large part of any beach wedding ceremony in Hawaii.
Some ideas to think about , is your theme look a Hawaiian tropical sunset ? ,Old Hawaii tikis style ?  Bohemian ? Fairytale , Modern or Rustic ? ,  all these themes may be expressed through the use of flowers , fabrics misc added items and textures to your wedding . This is why a lot of careful planning and focus goes into aspects of the colors palette and construction of your beach ceremony event  just like any fine masterpiece of artwork ! .
In fact, there is probably as much care and effort involved in planning the look of the wedding setting and the reception as there is in arranging for bridal dress and choosing the wedding rings . So lets make beautiful gorgeous memories  , as you will want what is possibly one of the most important days in your life to me magical and filled with Joy and Love .

Aloha Island Weddings / Hawaii Princess Archway

This wedding arch on the beach in Hawaii has the flowers of white and light baby pink Peonies , Bright Pink Star gazers , Hydrangea is a genus flowers of large white and pink variety , Hawaiian lau’a fern and hanging moon orchids  scientifically known as Phalaenopsis amabilis, commonly locals grow in their yard up in the mountainous regions of Hawaii .

rows of yellow plumeria and pinks plumerias lead up to the Hawaiian princess archway of white chiffon on dark mahogany bamboo with fern Rows of yellow plumeria and pinks plumerias lead up to the Hawaiian princess archway of white chiffon on dark mahogany bamboo with fern running down the sides of the aisle way , The wedding chairs for their 2 children are wrapped with green maile leis with a stargazer added in the back . As a added personal touch the couple had bohemian white candle holders , bright pink bougainvillea set in the front of them .

The Hawaii has so many natural beautiful locations for wedding ceremonies on its many different islands , coastlines , cliffs , waterfalls and beaches

Flower pathway closeup of pink and yellow plumeria flowers for the bride to walk on up to her archway

Flower pathway closeup of pink and yellow plumeria flowers for the bride to walk on up to her archway

A pathway of flowers on the North shore of Hawaii setup in created rows of colors was a personal choice of our wedding couple from Texas who decided on having a beach wedding with us . The plumerias grow abundant on the islands these flowers are also known as frangipani here we have a selection of pinks and yellow and white variety .
Next to the pathway rows of plumerias are the Hawaiian fern with a few added birds of paradise

In the Hawaiian islands , you have an colorful variety of options available to you when arranging beaches , parks , waterfalls weddings .
The islands are of course known for their bright and bold colorful flora–both in terms of beauty and availability–so you will have your work cut out for you in that regard with so many choices . Virtually couples from all over the world come to Hawaii for weddings the favorite theme is the beach barefoot toes in the sand wedding,

All white bamboo arch with Dendrobium orchids made into flower leis

Flower girl stand by an all white wedding arch with bamboo with a parasol umbrella taking photos
while the bride and groom sign the wedding certificate with the minister

All white mermaid archway way

Dark mahogany Bamboo archway At Makapuu beach park

matching wooden chiavari chairs lined up to the sky blue bamboo arch with Lau’a Hawaiian fern down the aisle way ,The main flowers for the brides entrance on the sand are dark pink and orange hibiscus .

Hawaii beach wedding setup with blue sky material on a mahogany bamboo archway

Hawaiian wooden Tikis stand guard Lono and Kane by the wooden Chiavari chairs on the beach on Oahu for this wedding

October 10th at 10am

color theme sky lue with orange and pink flowers for the walkway aisle way on the sand

Bright mango orang Hawaiian native hibiscus and dark pink fuchsia lined up to a beach dark bamboo archway in Hawaii

Many couples we have found love to match the design of their Hawaiian wedding beach theme to their personality such as material colors , chair styles  , archways , motifs  and flowers . a Huge variety of options gives one more creativity to play with and may even expand on your own ideas when it comes to designing your personal beach wedding we allow our couples to have as many choices as possible .

Fuchsia wrapped sashes around the white covered chairs on the beach on the west coast of the island , orange hibiscus with shades of yellow, white and pink plumerias for the runway at Paradise Cove Hawaii 92-1089 Alii Nui Drive, Kapolei, HI 96707

Arch of blue in the background with Star gazers flowers and green Hawaiian fern and standing tall birds of paradise flowers ,

Arch of blue in the background with Star gazers flowers and green Hawaiian fern and standing tall birds of paradise flowers ,

Yellow and white plumeria flowers on the aisle way leading up to the Hawaii beach wedding arch of sky blue with multi tropical flowers as arrangements

Yellow and white plumeria flowers on the aisle way leading up to the Hawaii beach wedding arch of sky blue with multi tropical flowers as arrangements

Bright pink flower local hibiscus set on the sand at the beginning of the aisle way of flowers

Flower arrangements of white hibiscus with a touch of yellow in the center , turquoise color flowers orchids and green laupaka fern make for this flower arrangement on the archway

Watanabe Florist Watanabe Floral, Inc. 1607 Hart Street Honolulu, HI 96817 

Spinning W.E.B. Florist

Again, the idyllic location of Hawaii will come to play here as there are many wedding florists all over the islands who have a thorough knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, and you can take advantage of their expertise in putting together the Hawaiian wedding of your dreams.

Just like any other aspect of your wedding, careful and thorough planning is key in ensuring that every single element is in place and that you can maximize the beauty of your wedding ceremony. It would be a good idea to narrow down your intended themes to a few specific ones, so that the wedding planner that you eventually consult will have a clear idea of what to work with. Don’t be afraid to voice out any suggestions for flowers that you have in mind, but also take the florist’s suggestions into consideration.

unique inspiring ideas from other wedding companies

Source of inspiration comes from

Honolulu wedding planners
1154 Fort street Mall Suite 208
Honolulu Hi 96813

pink and yellow flowers for the entrance of the walkway to the beach wedding in Hawaii

Hawaii beach weddings

Hawaii Honolulu wedding planner with heart and soul helping coordinate beach weddings on Oahu and creating unique creative designs for couples dream event .

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  1. Ninia and Arri says:

    Hi Paul,

    What are the native Hawaiian flowers that you’ll be using on the wedding?

  2. Looking for a Wedding planner says:

    My fiancé and I have been together for quite a few years and have been talking about our wedding for a while now. This will be my third marriage but will be her first, so it’s been hard to agree on what type of wedding we wanted. Over the last year we have attended several weddings and started getting ideas for our own. This mostly became a list of what “not to do” when it came to our own. Recently we attended a really big over-the top wedding which was wonderful but my bride felt overwhelmed by it all and returned back to our first idea of eloping somewhere to save us the time and trouble of planning such a big affair. When I mentioned eloping in Hawaii and I showed her some pictures she was immediately interested and we decided it was time to make the decision and make it happen. We decided to plan for Feb. 29th because it is a special day for us both and it only happens every 4 years so the clock started ticking. Because I am the master planner of all our vacations most of the responsibility has fallen on me to plan our wedding, so I’m doing a lot of research online and developing a plan for our dream elopement.

    Because it will only be her and I (no guests) we are looking for a very simple service, nothing to elaborate (the natural beauty of a hawaiian beach is enough). Maybe some flowers or simply a heart drawn in the sand would be enough. I’ve watched quite a few Hawaiian wedding videos and find them to be simple yet beautiful. I like how they focus on the unity of two people joining together in marriage rather than making it a religious service. We would like to write some vows of our own, or simply have the chance to say a few words to each other during the service. We would be interested in having the conch shell blown and exchanging lei’s but no need for a sand vessel ceremony. I would love to have someone play ukulele for a couple songs. Other than that we would like to keep it pretty simple. I’m pretty open to locations but so far I really like Waialae Beach and Sherwood Forrest Beach because of the wonderful sand and palm trees. Because it will be a Saturday I know we will need the service to be either early in the morning or later in the evening. Portlock Beach would also be a possibility if we need to plan into the golden hour/sunset.

    Because we won’t have any guests having photo and video is important to us, so we can try and share our special day with our friends and family. I think we would be more interested in spending our budget dollars on taking lots of romantic pictures rather than on tiki torches and canopies.

    A little more about myself and my bride. We are from St. Paul, Minnesota and both work in retail management. While our interests are varied we do share the same quirky sense of humor and seem to be laughing a lot whenever we we are together. We love to travel and in the last 2 years have gone to Las Vegas, New Orleans and San Francisco. This will be her first trip to the Islands but will be my second. She’s a cat person and I’ma dog person but unfortunately neither of our pets will be able to join us in Hawaii, they have a previous engagement with a pet-sitter here back home. I dropped a couple of pics at the end of the email if you would like to put a couple of happy faces to our story.

    Thank you so much for your consideration and let me know if I can provide you with more information on making our Hawaiian elopement wedding the dream we know it can be.

  3. Hello!

    My name is Fred and I recently got engaged to my fiancee Kristen. We are dreaming of doing a destination wedding in Hawaii on one of the many fantastic beaches of Oahu or the Big island. The time frame that we are looking at is Oct 2020 – Jan 2021 so we are in the beginning stages of planning our wedding. We would have no more than 23 guests, with that number likely being lower. We are currently in the process of looking at ceremony locations, getting price estimates, and looking for wedding coordinators.

    Regarding ceremony locations…

    I have been reading online about Wiki permits for commercial activity “right of entry” permits online and noticed there were some limitations on arches and chairs. Though, I noticed that there are some fantastic beach wedding photos/videos on your website with beautiful/elaborate ceremony arches, chairs, aisles, etc. I was wondering if you knew where it is possible, on beaches, to have a ceremony with arches/chairs/torches vs. just loose flowers. Is it a certain part of the beach (Ex. ## feet above the “tidal area”) or are only certain beaches permitted in general?

    I noticed you have a few locations listed on your website and I wasn’t sure if those were flexible or not. (If we could pick our own beach…)

    If it is helpful, I am going to list our favorite ceremony locations below (to see if this is possible at any or all of the locations). Our general “aesthetic” is a beach with mountains/cliffs nearby or in the background.

    1) North shore Beach
    2) Kahana Bay Beach
    3) Ka’a’awa Beach

    Big Island (Do you guys do anything on islands other than Oahu?)
    1) Waipio Valley Beach
    – I also understand getting anything/everything down to this beach offers a logistical problem too… but would like to know what is possible
    2) Punalu’u Beach

    Any guidance/clarity you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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