John + Wendi beach heart ceremony on Oahu

Our Hawaiian Beach Wedding ceremony with the essence of fun and love

White orchid with green Hawaiian laua fern

Hawaii bride smile wearing a flower head lei of white orchids and fern at her ceremony in Hawaii

2 chairs site on the beach at John and Wendi’s wedding for their two guest that flew over from California for their Hawaii beach wedding ceremony at Makapuu


My Hawaiian tropical Bouquet

A kiss with the bright flower colored native Hawaiian bouquet

Flowers of Rainbow plumerias, White orchids, Hydrangeas flowers , White Casablanca lily and Hawaiian Fern

Flower bouquet on the shores of of Makapuu after the wedding ceremony

The bride breathing in the fragrance of her flower Hawaiian bouquet

A flower wedding heart on the sand with a pink parasol umbrella

Romantic photo shoot of John and Wendi after their wedding at Makapuu beach , Wendi is wearing a pink and white plumeria lei while John sports a Maile Tea leaf Hawaiian wedding lei

Kissing by the fire while toasting to their new life as husband and wife

Come on ladies, the challenge is on! If you have a man in your life who helps bring balance to your world, who isn’t perfect but he’s perfect for you, who works hard and would do anything for you, who makes you laugh but drives you crazy, who is your best friend and sometimes your only friend, who you want to grow old with, who you are thankful for and truly adore, let him have a moment and put this as your status. ❤

Hawaiian wedding bouquet on the sandy beach of Honolulu Oahu

John’s weddings in Hawaii at the hotel in Waikiki started off with a few Spirits drinks

Some of our fav Facebook post getting ready for our wedding vacation destination union in Hawaii





Hawaii beach weddings

Hawaii Honolulu wedding planner with heart and soul helping coordinate beach weddings on Oahu and creating unique creative designs for couples dream event .

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