Hibiscus as a wedding flower / the many variety of uses

There are so many uses for this flower known as the Hibiscus
Such as for weddings / arrangements / house plants and teas
“Within your flowery colorful depths the inwards star of your center
reveals your vibrancy
 dance  “my sweet  hibiscus flower “



bouquet with orange hibiscus yellow and white plumerias set in a banana leaf tea leaf Hawaiian natural bouquet holder

Orange Hibiscus Bouquet with pink and white plumerias for the bride on the cliffs of Makaapuu lookout point on September 15 2018


The hibiscus genus of flowers is not too  large, but still contains over two hundred different kinds of blooms and species. Hawaii is an area in which hibiscus mainly flourishes, however, it was not originally a native flower of Hawaii, and instead actually originated in the area of Asia, where it migrated, traveling by traders and merchants all over the world. It eventually came even to Australia, and even England. At least two different species are known as 

Baby light pink hibiscus set in a hot pink plumeria bouquet on the beach in Hawaii at Makapuu shore line on the east coast of the island of Oahu .

Three color mixture hibiscus which is fairly rare to see n the Hawaiian islands , this one was specially bred making the center almost a dark blood red moving out with a light pinkish tone, the stamen is yellow and orange

“The Rose of Sharon,” for its significance in the mythological culture of countries all over the world, including the Greeks, the Chinese, natives of Polynesia, as well as in stories related to Christianity, as recorded by the great philosophers in Latin.
It grows year round in the tropical islands of Hawaii from January to December 

Yellow plumeria bouquet on the Lava rocks at Makapuu beach Park

Bright fuchsia pink orchids for the beginning on the island way flowers on this blue and orange and pink themed Hawaiian wedding

Bright pink hibiscus at this wedding on Oahu with birds of paradise standing tall

orange hibiscus scattered on the sand with light pink plumerias for this beach wedding at paradise park on Oahu outside of Honolulu

orange hibiscus scattered on the sand with light pink plumerias for this beach wedding at paradise park on Oahu outside of Honolulu

As evolving into many different variety of  flowers shapes and colors this has emerged into art of making colorful hybrids as many horticulturist and plant growers play with .  Now with that being said many tropical Hawaii themed weddings make use of their flower beauty by adding them into modern bouquets , reception center pieces and flower pathways  as noted in this beach wedding photo .

Orange Hibiscus flowers on the sandy aisle way for this Hawaii beach wedding

Orange and Fuchsia hibiscus line the aisle way flowers for this beach wedding on Oahu with tiki men at the entrance

Growing hibiscus in tropical atmospheres, and sandy soil is easier; they flourish in a warm, tropical client, and don’t require the same amount of planning and maintenance as they would in northern states, or climates. Tropical plants such as hibiscus do particularly well in soils that are high in acidity. It’s easier to grow hibiscus by purchasing a smaller plant from a nursery first, because seeds don’t have all the nutrients; the plants themselves propagate themselves by growing from cuttings.

Supplies for raising acidity in the soil, and creating a little more sand in the ground can be purchased at a nursery, or gardening centre. If you plan to grow hibiscus in a cooler climate, be sure to research what kind of hibiscus is better suited to the climate you live in. Hibiscus prefer areas that have access to plenty of sunlight. Mulching the area is important because hibiscus need soil that can hold moisture, and contain it; the sandy soil is great for the plant’s roots to stretch in, but won’t be able to hold water as well. That’s why mulching helps to hold the water, and keep the ground moist.

Hibiscus on this Hawaii beach wedding arch at Makapuu beach on the island of Oahu

Pink hibiscus flowers on the sand of this beach wedding

colors of light pink and dark pink hibiscus

Large light pink and dark pink center hibiscus held by a farmer of these flowers

The hibiscus bush can get to heights of five to eight feet; the flower itself is vivid and colorful, ranging from blue, to red, white, orange, yellow, with the stamen projecting outwards. The petals can be either a single silky layer unfolding outward, have five petals, or be layered. All over the world, the plant has different medicinal and other uses. In India, Hibiscus is boiled and the oils are made into a conditioner to smooth snarls in hair, and promote shine. It can also be used to make black dye for hair, mascara,


or even as shoe polish. They are used to polish shoes in Jamaica, and in other African countries as well. It was even used in teas, because they add a balmy, and lemony flavor to the drink while it steeps. Other cosmetic uses are by Hawaiians, the women wearing them to decorate their hair. Even the fibers from the plants are used to make different kinds of fabrics for rough cloth, nets, or paper.

Yellow hibiscus with dark pink inside create a beautiful Hawaiian tropical look for the beach bamboo arch arrangement in Hawaii on the island of Oahu

Yellow hibiscus on a bamboo wedding arch mixed with orchids roses and Hawaiian fern  Photo courtesy Aloha Island Weddings

The hibiscus has other medicinal uses :
women once used it to induce a miscarriage, ease menstrual cramping, and ease birth. The leaves can be used to relieve depression, treat boils, headaches, sores, and reduces inflammation caused by infection. Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine in India, believe that hibiscus root produces chemicals that can even treat different kinds of sexually transmitted diseases. It can even, according to Ayurvedic medicinal practices.

Here are a few local flower nursery on Oahu.

Koolau plants 
1935 S Beretania St, Honolulu, HI 96826


Hibiscus is featured in much of mythology as the Rose of Sharon, although it was also used in Hindu mythology. Patrons would offer the hibiscus rose up to the goddess in worship and prayer. The Rose of China is particularly useful, in both these medicines, and in many others, for cosmetic purposes. The ma‘o hau hele, is well-known state flower of Hawaii, however, it’s also an official flowers for other countries. The Rose of Sharon or ‘Mugunghwa’ is the national flower of South Korea. Hibiscus flowers all over the world, Bunga Raya or “Chinese hibiscus” is also the national flower of Malaysia. Wikipedia say about hibiscus

Foster botanical gardens has many varieties of flowers this one is a hybrid of two separate species hibiscus

Orange and pink themed Hawaiian floral bouquet with orange hibiscus flowers

Orange Hibiscus with dark pink plumeria in a banana leaf bouquet

The Stolen generation, those people who are of native Australia aboriginal descent, have also named the Native Hibiscus their national emblem. Its color and properties are believed to have spiritual healing powers, and is said to promote compassion.

Orange hibiscus flowers scattered among the star gazers for this Hawaiian bouquet

Orange hibiscus within a tropical Stargazer Hawaiian bouquet

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