Hibiscus as a wedding flower / the many variety of uses

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  1. Future bride says:

    I absolutely love your flowers found on this blog/ website . The vibrant colors of the Hawaiian hibiscus are just to amazing and beautiful ,we also want to use them in our wedding theme.
    I have a few questions for you ? , Do you plant and take care of hibiscus your self ? also do you know where i could order light pink and orange hibiscus flowers? do you deliver to California from Hawaii ? Please reply back as I’m looking to create my very Hawaiian wedding bouquet made from the gorgeous flowers . Thank you

    • Thank you for reading our article on hibiscus flowers , yes we are a Hawaii wedding company
      in the heart of Honolulu , we only supply hibiscus for the weddings that we plan .
      Personally i do not think the hibiscus flower may be shipped anywhere because they are very delicate and may easily be bruised once they are shipped . Your best bet is to find someone who grows them locally and ask if you could pick them your self

  2. Hi. I’m glad we found alohaislandweddings.com wonderful photo on this website !! , Hello my name is Lilliana Lopez. I am planning a vow renewal for next year in April. I read great reviews online for your website. What are the packages or prices for a vow renewal ceremony? Also, how far out do you recommend reserving?

    Thank you so much!

    -Lilliana Lopez
    Great success with this site!

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