Hawaiian blessing by the Kahu Hawaiian minister on the beach of Waimanalo

Hawaii beach weddings

Hawaii Honolulu wedding planner with heart and soul helping coordinate beach weddings on Oahu and creating unique creative designs for couples dream event .

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  1. Louie Schkade says:

    When I originally commented on your wedding photos here I had on the particular Hawaii beach location they were taken at . I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback was added- I check the box send and now every time a comment is added I do not see my questions .Is there any means you can help me find a secluded spot to hold my ceremony on Oahu , I prefer not to have any random beach goers at my event?.

    * Edited to show public relevance

    • Yes there are a few cool private estate locations and 5 star hotels you may use out at the North shore of the island of Oahu
      For example Turtle Bay Hilton provides a private chapel here .
      Turtle Bay Hilton
      57-091 Kamehameha Hwy, Kahuku, HI 96731
      their phone number is 808 293-6000
      Good lock on your upcoming wedding and give us a call if you have any other questions

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