Celestial theme wedding

Obviously, starting with the colors of the sky is the best way to get the ball rolling on a celestial theme.  Midnight blue bridesmaid gowns would be the perfect choice, and if you could find gowns dotted with brilliant crystals or rhinestones that would give the impression that they are twinkling stars, that would be ideal.  Your groom’s attendants can choose a midnight blue tuxedo or suit,

or you could go with a traditional black with midnight blue accessories.  For something fun, you could have the men in your wedding party have star shaped cufflinks or tie tacks, and you could find beautiful star studded hair accessories for your attendants.

The bride’s gown can be the traditional heavenly white, but adding crystal accents to your gown will make the gown pop and shine as bright as the brightest star.  If you want something that sets you apart from any other bride, opt for a midnight blue ball gown, heavily decorated with sparkling crystals.  Choose a gown that has some beautiful gold or silver thread embroidering on the bodice and the train, and adding that extra little touch will give your gown a boost of shimmer no matter what type of light you are standing in.


White flowers would be the best look for this type of wedding, but you can have them wrapped with midnight blue satin ribbon, and have touches of metallic gold or silver added to the bouquets.  Some florists will have floral decorations in the shapes of stars that may work with your color scheme, or you may find that you prefer the white stargazer lilies as the signature flower for all of your bouquets and floral arrangements.

Twinkling lights are going to set the stage at your reception location, so plan on having them everywhere.  If your budget allows, draping your location in yards of midnight blue fabric entwined with the white twinkle lights would be a beautiful,

almost mystical look.  Ask your caterer about midnight blue table covers, and for centerpieces, you can use any number of star themed vases, votive holders and other candle holders.  Using silver metallic accents or crystal votive holders or vases will add to the twinkling brilliance that you are trying to capture with this theme.


You will find so many options for favors for your guests that you can certainly fit every taste and every budget.  You will find star place card holders and votive holders.  You can find stars on picture frames.  Most craft stores will have moon and star candy molds that you can use to make your own chocolates to fill mesh bags or tulle circles in silver or gold, tied with beautiful ribbons.  If you want something out of the ordinary, consider gifting each guest with a star fruit, wrapped in a cellophane bag, and tied with a ribbon and a note thanking them for making your day “heavenly”. 

Celestial Hawaii beach wedding with Kate and Kenny


The timing of your event should be so that you can enjoy the night time skies and the stars, but in the event that you are unable to come in or go out with a blanket of stars shining above you, you can find home planetariums or star machines that will project stars and planets throughout your room and give your reception an other worldly feel.  Also adding sparklers gives the feeling of the starlight

Sparkler love in Hawaii at night after the wedding ceremony in Waikiki 

 When the night is over, you should choose a song to make your exit to that will leave your guests with no doubt of what theme you were trying to share with them.  “Fly Me to The Moon” 

Your love is as deep as the midnight blue of the night time sky and as bright as the stars that shine above.  A celestial theme wedding is a beautiful way to share the way you feel with your friends and family

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