Butterfly Theme Wedding

Add Live Butterflies To Your Butterfly Theme Wedding

A butterfly theme wedding is a beautiful choice for a marriage ceremony taking place in the late spring, or summer. Whether your ceremony is outdoors or inside a church, live butterflies can still be a big part of the event. Butterflies can also instead be used in the decorations, the fashion worn by the bride and bridesmaids, and even the food prepared for theĀ  reception, such as the wedding cake. Not live butterflies of course, but butterfly theme items, or decor. One doesn’t even need to go through an expensive wedding planner to achieve highly competent and attractive results. There are several resources, at low price, and options that can help you plan a beautiful butterfly theme wedding. You don’t have to be a millionaire or a celebrity to be married in the same manner of luxury!

Butterfly Decor

If for some reason the idea of releasing butterflies does not appeal to you, you can instead buy butterfly embellishments. Beautifully crafted butterflies of any colour with fabric wings, that can be attached to flowers, table tops, or any still surface. Also available from numerous sources online, are butterfly place-card holders, with the shapes of butterfly wings made from sterling silver or a less expensive metal, holding the card with the guest’s name on it. As a centrepiece, or decoration, you can place a large glass or crystal bowl in the centre of the table of buffet with floating, multi-coloured butterfly candles in it. Or, you can place a votive butterfly candle holder on each of the tables, if there is to be a catered dinner at your reception. Also available, are guest books, embroidered with silk butterfly patterns as well. There are also numerous butterfly wedding favor options, including butterflies themselves.

If your wedding is indoors, you can find table liners, embroidered drapery, etc., to hang from trees if your wedding is outdoors. If there are no tress or the like that one can use to decorate a virtual aisle for the bride to walk down, this can be remedied by creating a temporary one for the event. Use gardening stakes, driven into the ground in a row to create the aisle, and the decorate each sturdy stake with swathes of butterfly decorated white cloth, to make them seem more like pillars. You can then affix these with faux vines, found at any craft store; preferably flowering vines or if you like, you can then weave real flowers into the faux vines. Then, to put on the finishing touch, you can affix a few of the aforementioned butterfly embellishments. If you’re having a church wedding, you can do the same thing with the aisle in the church, with a little creativity.

Butterfly Wedding Fashion

Butterfly weddings are popular in the spring time, so finding a wedding dress that incorporates butterflies into its design shouldn’t be a problem. Neither should finding other attire, such as that for bridesmaids, and the flower girl. But there are also other fashion options, if you choose to forego the butterfly dresses, and instead rely on butterfly accessories. The flower girl, for instance, can carry a basket decorated with butterfly designs, or butterfly embellishments decorating the rim or handle of the basket. Or, she can instead wear a miniature tiara with or without a veil that is decorated with butterflies. The ring bearer can carry a pillow with butterfly embroidery decorations. The bride can also wear a simple butterfly decorated tiara; several varying designs are available from different sources, with or without the veil. Or she can decorate a piled up-do with floral and mini-butterfly embellishments added. Or a simple butterfly hair pin, or decorated comb can be added to an elegant French twist hairstyle. Then there are of course earrings, and necklaces, as well. The bride can wear a delicate but simple silver necklace, with a butterfly pendant. Or, instead, a pair of crystal and silver butterfly earrings.

Butterfly Food

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There are several different ways you can incorporate a butterfly theme wedding into the food and refreshments served at the wedding reception. You can find butterfly shaped cookie cutters, or ice cube molds, for drinks and cookies. Or, you can use small butterfly shaped cookie cutters or molds, to make a butterfly shape from oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. These you can put inside drinks as decoration, or inside a large punch bowl. And then of course the options for utensils and table decorations with a butterfly theme are endless. The bride and groom can drink from crystal champagne glasses, delicately engraved with butterflies, or stainless steel butterfly wine stoppers can be found to preserve wine or champagne from the wedding reception. Butterfly centrepieces or specially made candy or icing butterflies can be added to the wedding cake; the cake cutter can be embellished with butterfly designs as well. Making the catered food into the shape of butterflies is possible, but might be going too far; stick with drinks and desserts. Butterfly cookies, pastries, candies, etc., and as an added touch, you can also find decorated butterfly napkins as well.

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Live Butterfly Releases

Releasing butterflies at your wedding, or planning a surprise butterfly release for a wedding is an easy, simple, but also delicate process. You can order the butterflies from many different reliable companies, whether online or nearby. The butterflies arrive in a box, with an ice pack in the bottom. You’ll hear them scratching around, each in their little white paper boxes; this is normal. The first thing to do is freeze the ice pack again, and then replace it with the butterflies. Be sure not to get the little paper boxes wet. Place the box in a cool, dry room, to store them but not for any long length of time. Butterflies cannot be automatically exposed to direct warmth and sunlight, so if you plan to place them in a display case instead, do so at least two hour before the ceremony and keep them in the shade. After the ceremony, open the case to release hundreds of beautiful butterflies, or allow the guests to each open a paper envelope containing a butterfly. They’ll gravitate towards the blossoms and floral decor, and not immediately fly away. The butterflies and butterfly decor will make your wedding celebration an event that every guest will remember!



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