Hawaii Wedding songs

Two flower girls playing the golden harp on the beach in Hawaii

Wedding Songs: Wedding songs form an integral part of the wedding ceremony. The type and genre of every wedding song are different. But, the theme, emotions and nostalgic feelings of the wedding songs are bit similar in all parts of the world. Wedding songs frame up the mood, set ambience and flavour the wedding function. Also, the music in these songs expresses the feelings of bride, groom or, their parent’s state of mind. Wedding songs cheer up the atmosphere and bestow charm to the ceremony. Traditions of wedding songs date back to 16th century. The wedding songs were played, when proposed bride was let to wedding destination to take the wedding vows.

In those times, these songs were slow with rather silent notes and the only instruments used were piano or violin. At some places, carol singers were called to sing different songs at the wedding ceremony. Even now, many people opt for traditional wedding songs.

A nice touch to add entertainment to your beach wedding is a Hula Dancer

Two girls playing the ukulele at Waialae beach park

There are lots of conventional wedding songs and the wedding march is still popular among all the songs. Also, some wedding functions feature either a band of singers or a singer, to play the songs of couple’s choice. Weddings songs need to suit and harmonize the various ceremonies that are related to wedding. This includes first dance of bride and groom, actual ceremony songs and farewell songs. Few cultures use drums, conches and other wind instruments to convey the wedding songs. more info please go to Our Hawaii wedding musician section here Music

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  1. Destination Wedding Honolulu says:

    My family members always say that i need to choose a song that reflect Hawaii
    not just chocolate and roses romantic songs , do you have any songs from the islands there
    that work well for my first dance , Im coming to Hawaii for my destination wedding and would love some advise .
    Thank you Jolene

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