Catholic Church Wedding

Planning a wedding that follows the sacred and beautiful traditions of the Catholic Church can be a bit overwhelming for many couples considering a big Church wedding. Each individual parish has the authority to set its own rules, but there is a general set of rules and guidelines that must be followed by all Catholic Churches.

Some Churches will outline a specific price for holding your wedding ceremony with them, and it will include the cost of things like someone to clean up after the wedding, the announcement in the Church bulletin (which is required for three consecutive weeks prior to your wedding), and other incidentals. This does not always include a fee for the priest or the altar servers, and it is customary to offer them a monetary gift for their participation in your ceremony.


Allowing yourself ample time for planning and communication with your parish priest is the key to having the big, beautiful Church wedding of your dreams. Work with the people of your parish office to create a day that is memorable, spiritual, and the best place to start your married life.

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