Floras of the Islands

Stunning bright vibrant and royal the flowers and fauna of Hawaii

Plumeria themed wedding in Hawaii

Nature lovers would definitely adore Hawaii. It is home to numerous fragrant flowers, abundant vegetation as well as some interesting plant life. There are several botanical gardens and parks that actually showcase the variety of Flora found in the state. Travelers could unwind by strolling around various gardens and catch a glimpse of these beautiful plants. Listed below are a few of the dazzling Flora found in Hawaii:

The Birds of Paradise are originally from Africa, but they have evolved into something like a Hawaiian trademark. These are clearly identifiable by their characteristic vibrant blue and orange blossoms set in grayish-green bracts, which make them appear as if the flowers are birds ready to take flight.The aisle of this Hawaii beach wedding is lined with Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise wedding

The African Tulip Trees could actually grow up to over 50 feet in height. From a distance, travelers would still be able to see its bright red flowers. The flowers’ buds could hold water that is why the local kids love to play with these flowers and to use them as water pistols.

There exist over 1,400 species of Bromeliads, which is the name that the pineapple plant is commonly known as. Hawaiian natives also call these plants as Bromes and they are usually prickly plants that differ in size. These are extremely famous for their unique foliage as well as their unusual and magnificent flowers. One would be able to find the Bromeliads on all the islands of Hawaii, and they are extensively used for interior decoration and landscaping, most notably in the resort areas.

King Protea Hawaiian floral grown on the volcano on Maui

The Macadamia is another pride of Hawaii, even if they initially came from Australia. The Big Island and Maui grow these trees and as a matter of fact, the macadamia nuts have recently turned into a profitable crop in Hawaii. These huge trees could grow up to staggering 60 feet high, and they also carry tough-shelled nuts that are enclosed in a somewhat leathery husk that cracks open and dries once the nuts are already ripe.

The sole state that manufactures coffee commercially is Hawaii. The Coffee is an evergreen plant that possesses waxy, glossy, dark green as well as very pointed leaves. Its flowers are tiny, sweet-smelling white blossoms that mature into half inch berries that would change into bright red once they are ripe. Tourists could search for coffee at a height of more than 1,500 feet on Kona at Hawaii’s Big Island. Guests could also tour huge coffee plantations found on Maui, Molokai, Kauai, and Oahu.

Orchids are also closely linked to the state. The most vastly grown orchid variety as well as the chief source of blossoms for creating leis is the Vanda Orchid. These are usually either white or even lavender, but they also develop in an assortment of colors, sizes and shapes. The variety of orchids that is utilized when making corsages is the huge and fragile Cattleya. Those that are used for floral arrangements are generally the Dendrobiums variety. When travelers are on the Big Island, they should not miss on an opportunity to explore the countless orchid farms located in Hilo.

Tropical Hawaiian orchid bouquet of many colors and styles

There are still numerous plant species that one would be able to find in Hawaii. These are undoubtedly striking and would leave a great impression on any visitor.

At the beach location in Hawaii of Waimanalo the bride hold pink plumeria


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