Planning A Yellow Wedding



Down below is a wedding in Hawaii that made use of the lighter side of the color yellow

Oahu Wedding Theme



Your dress will be white, so select a nice golden or bright yellow for the bridesmaids’ dresses. Don’t go for the neon yellow; you don’t want your bridesmaids to look like giant highlighters. Also, don’t go for a yellow that’s a little too orange; you don’t want them to look like #2 pencils either. It’s best to find a nice sunshiny medium. Gold fabrics won’t work, because they shimmer too much, and might end up looking sleazy; another excellent reason to stay away from sequins. Keep yourself as the center of attention. You can add white daisies as corsages, or mini-bouquets for your bridesmaids. For your bouquet, add white roses to yellow daffodils, or yellow roses instead. If you want a garland, instead of a veil, for a more springtime look, you can wear daisies in your hair, or yellow hibiscus to add a little tropical feel to the ceremony; roses in your hair should be miniature. Larger roses worn on the head will be heavy, and possibly make your head look bigger.


Make yellow and white flowers appear everywhere! Daisies, hibiscus, white roses, yellow roses, tiger lilies, and daffodils, or even dandelions are all excellent choices. The dandelion is way underrated as a flower. If you’re trying to get a yellow flower theme together for summer, or fall, add sunflowers to the mix, but keep them out of the mix with other flowers. A sunflower is a stand alone kind of blossom, because of how large it is.

A recent soft light yellow wedding theme by Aloha Island Weddings



When decorating for your yellow theme wedding, it’s best to work white into the atmosphere as well, to make the yellow seem more intense, and bright with white in the background. While designing how you want your reception, add lemonade, and lemony drinks to the refreshments, a yellow or lemon cake, with white frosting and garnished with lemon twists. Miniature lemon cookies, or teacakes, with white frosting and yellow sprinkles are another good addition to your refreshments. If you’re having a catered wedding, add salad to the food; many people associate salad with spring, and crispy leafy greens are also nutritious. Those guests that might be on diets will also appreciate the thought.


For wedding favors, nothing is better than candles! Yellow candles, in a frosted glass container, set inside mesh cloths, or in daisy print mini-gift bags shouldn’t be too expensive or difficult to find. Also, you can work butterflies into your theme by making them yellow butterflies. Several glass or porcelain butterfly figurines and collectibles are out there, that would make excellent choices for wedding favors. For the men you can put together gold plated keychains, or pens, whereas for the women, you make little spa gift bags with yellow toiletries inside.


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