Josephine & Andrew's Hawaii Wedding



Hawaii wedding photo tour around the beautiful cliffs,
rainforest and beaches of Oahu

Our First dance / also fire dancer

Menu 1

Sautéed Fresh Catch of the Day
topped with Tomato Thai Basil Vinaigrette on a
bed of Penne Pasta and Seasonal Vegetables
Includes Taro Rolls

Menu 2
Crab Stuffed Butterfly-Prawns

with Sweet Chili Cream Sauce
Seared Petite Tenderloin of Beef
topped with Wild Mushrooms and Onion.
Menu 3
Seared Jumbo Scallops topped with a Pimento Vinaigrette
Broiled New York Steak
topped with a Wild Mushroom and Port Wine Sauce. Served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables


Theme Colours: Orange and Blue
- I was looking at the flowers on your website the Plumeria - Volcano Colours look beautiful..yes yes plumerias come in so many colors here. orange. pink dark pink, yellow and white. The Orange Hibiscus and Blue Hibiscus would look good down the Aisle , sorry we do not blue have blue hibiscus in hawaii.
- Don't know what would look better - blue bows with orange flowers at the back of the chairs, or blue and orange bows with a different colour flower.
you may decide that when you look at the sample here in Hawaii at the meeting,,, PS { i just did a wedding with blue and orange hibiscus i will send you some samples
- Will attach some Bouquet & Corsage Ideas :) ok wow love the mango orange callas,, i just did a wedding with orange calla boutonnier too
- We love the pineapple idea at the start of the aisle and even maybe the Hawaiian tiki gogs may we use those



Jo and Andrew wedding photo tour in Hawaii came upon a dragon lizard in the forest

Andrew and I have been discussing our Hawaii wedding and we have a few questions for you:

1. Reception Time: Still Discussing the Time (At this time we are thinking: 6PM or 6:30PM)
- So we will be needing a courtesy bus to take us from our accommodation to the Hawaii reception and then back to our accommodation at the end of the night.

sure we will arrange for the transportation to take your guest back to their accomadations

I have emailed Jay about the menu, and he did reply the first time asking me to provide more details. I replied more than a week again, and he still hasn't gotten back to me.
I will call Jay this week to remind him about your reception

We would love to hear your expert ideas about the decorations (or willwe be discussing this in detail when we see you in Hawaii?).
we could have a outline idea of what you want beofre you arrive and just finalize and dicuss the design further in Hawaii

3. Entertaiment:
- What type of entertainment are we able to have during our reception?
- My brother will be playing a few songs
- You suggested a Fire Dancer .... Yes that will be great ok ok ok i fire dancer for you 2 love it , i think he should be all dressed up in leaves and a Hawaiian haku lei around his head and feet for the drama of it all.
- Music? (a Hawaiian CD playing in the background, a local musician?!?!) i will have a Hawaiian ukulele singer for you for an hour and half

4. Cupcakes:
- Are the Cupcakes custom-made or do we choose from a collection? yes they are custom made , you may choose from a variety of flavors
- Are we able to choose for example: Red Velvet (Butter Milk) with Chocolate Icing, or even Chocolate with Vanilla Icing? yes you could have them both

5. Courtesy Bus to the Ceremony:
- Andrew and I have been discussing and we think that the hummer might be a bit too big for our party. ....
- My two Bridesmaids and my Father will be travelling with me (Perhaps my Mother as well - will discuss with her). ok so if we have a 8 passenger thats included in the package will that work
- Andrew and his Best Man will be travelling together. ok they will be in the combi right,??
- So that only leaves 14-15 guests to be transported to the Ceremony. ok
- Andrew would like to have two Kombis - one for him and one for myself (If this is possible - are we able to get two different colour: white and blue, orange and blue, ...)I have only at this time been able to find one combi to rent,

6. Transportation Required: ok lots of transportation is needed i will check into this..???? for you.

for the combi , are you using that throught the day to the reception too?
will there be one pickup location for all your guest to the reception and back? or are there a few?
- Accommodation to Ceremony
- Ceremony to Accommodation
- Accommodation to Kaimana
- Kaimana to Accommodations