Christine Zheng    Matthew Flood
Wedding date: May 10, 2008
Time: 5:30pm
Location: Diamonds Head private estate on the beach.
Wedding site: Grassy backyard by the beach.

Our wedding setup coordinated by Paul of Aloha island Weddings consisted of turquoise sashes with yellow hibiscus flowers
with yellow blue and white chiffon material for the arch the walkway was decorated with light pink plumeria  flowers with
white ceramic glazed with laupaka fern daisies and tropical  Bird of Paradise. Our Reception we had the Entertainment of
fire dancer and hula dancer and the catering of Kako'ako Kitchen. We had four sets of round tables
with plumerias flowers as the decorations. Out wedding cake was baked by Mary Cathrines Bakery  with two layers bottom layer Strawberries and the top
Passion Fruit cream

 iPod was used for the Bride's Grand Entrance. Other than that, I'd like the Harpist to play music including the Procession and the ceremony.
Harpist. Something slow, peaceful and relaxing.

Processional  --- Pachebel's Canon
Parents of the Groom
Mother of the Bride
Rev Chris and Groom
Bridesmaid and Groomsman
Maid of Honor and Bestman
Ring bearer and flower girl

Bride's grand entrance - iPod. {symphony of Pachabel's Cannon in D}
Bride, Groom, 3 mothers, 3 fathers, 2 bridesmaids, 2 groomsmen, 1 sister and 1 brother.

We will be in town on May 7.
Approximate guests (excluding bride and groom): 15 adults and 1 child confirmed. 6 unconfirmed. (these 6 guest are from China and we won’t know until they go to US consulate and apply for visas. 50/50 chance to get visas these days…)
Desired Package Details with custom choices:
Beach Chapel Arch Package (custom)
A white arch decorated like shown in the above picture, except that I would like to have a white flower center bouquet instead of orange/yellow. I definitely like the center large bouquet idea.
See following picture for the bouquet sample :
For chairs and setting, I am going for the Blue/yellow color combo shown like the following picture (Turquoise with yellow flower)
Rev Chris. We would like a traditional Christian style. I like the ceremony outline he linked here:
If we do have Chinese guests coming, my mother will also act as translator during the ceremony
 (something Rev Chris probably needs to know about). And translation will be taken directly from his script.
solo musician choice
A guitarist who plays Hawaii music. Two hula dancers who will also engage the guests to dance with after the ceremony. (I understand hula dancers are extra. Could you please give me a quote?)
Before the ceremony, we’ll have our iPod play the traditional wedding music while close family enter the site and the big entrance for the bride.
The musician can take over after the ceremony begins. We’d like the hula dancers to show up around 6:30pm (1 hr after the beginning of the ceremony) and entertain guests for 1 hour.
What is the normal cost for fire dancer?
We will take care of the 1st dance. We are not slower dancers.. So we’ll do something a bit crazy ourselves. J
Lei’s for close family and bride and groom:
Groom: Maile lei
Bride: white orchid
2 groomsman: white orchid with tea leaf
2 bridesmaids: purple orchid with tea leaf
Bouquets for Bride and Bridesmaids
Bride: Plumeria large bouquet: (pink/yellow combo)
Bridesmaids: same plumeria flowers but much smaller size (the typical size for the bridesmaids)
Bouquets for the party
yes the chairs will have your choice of flower.
Does the photographer do digital photos? yes there will be digital plus film.
If so, can we get the CD with all the photos? yes you get all the photos and the rights plus CDs
How long does the photographer normally stay at the wedding?
i recommend pre wedding photos in the house.