Elizabeth & Brian Cox photo

Ray of Love shinning of
Amore on the beach of Lanikai in Kailua HawaiiIt was so great to speak with you =) I am very excited to plan our wedding! I have to tell you again how beautiful and professional your website is. Your photography talent and your wife’s flowers and decorations are breathtaking. I also appreciate your kind and welcoming personality. It really makes all this planning so enjoyable and stress-free. =)

My fiance, Brian, and I actually fell in love in Hawaii on a trip we took with mutual friends. It has continued to be a passionate soft spot for us through our relationship. We live in Southern California, but are hoping to someday retire in a beach house on Oahu =) To say we got married in Hawaii would be incredibly special to us. I attached a few pictures of us from the day he proposed. Funny that he is wearing a Hawaiian shirt and I have an orchid in my hair =)

We are still hoping for May 15th or 16th on a beautiful secluded b in Hawaii . My first choice would be Lanikai, but I understand we cannot upset the residents. However,

Minister Keale playing the ukulele for them at their Hawaii beach wedding

If we were able to finish up the photos at Kailua Beach where my fiance’s Aunt and Uncle live, that would be a great option. Is the beach where your latest wedding occurred (Alexandra and Jonathan)

Photo tour :

Pre wedding bridal :

Hawaii Wedding Ceremony

Hi Paul =)

Brian and I cannot stop talking about how perfect our wedding day was! You and Dewi created the most beautiful beach set-up. It was a great surprise to step out of the limo, look down the beach and see the bright colors of the chairs and the Beach Arch. Then when the girls were handed their bouquet’s, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous they were. I almost cried when I saw mine wrapped in the beautiful blue ribbon. Everything was perfect, and coordinated perfectly, even down to our music choices for the ceremony.

We also can’t thank you enough for getting Mahalani to officiate our ceremony. His wonderful talent for putting everyone at ease, and providing such a beautiful day full of song, prayer, and Hawaiian tradition really made our ceremony extra special.
Again we can’t thank you enough. We can’t wait to see the pictures and our website =)

J&S Hawaiian wedding

Jenilee and Steve’s Wedding

I love the itinerary you put together, We are getting very excited. In one week we will be on a plane to Hawaii.
Thanks for all the great work you are doing!

I think I will go with Beverly Kaneshige for hair and make up. The Paradise Cove luau looks great!
We will do the sand pouring-just regular sand is fine.
We will also have someone do the conch shell before the ceremony.

If you have any other questions feel free to call or email anytime.
Our wedding is approaching fast! I have a few questions and additional information for you.

Hi there you two love birds, was just thinking about you and wanted to contact you too,
I will try and call in tomorrow morning your time ok, what is the best number to contact you at.Well, Our Wedding in Hawaii is approaching fast! I have a few questions and additional information for you.
Yes it too fast ..We were wanting to have a few bottles of wine(3 or 4) for the luau. Do we supply that or can we have that arranged?
Yes of course i can help arrange that,, we can have alcohol on the beach its against the law and the permit for the wedding wont allow that,
but we could have the bottles in the limos……and have them stop at a lookout point and toast and drink to wedding and before if you like…
I have a cosco card if you want to go with me we can go together and pick out the wine… or if your busy just let me know what type of wine you want.in the package i have a limo for you and your girls….. it sits 8 people and that included no charge….
for your other guest i recommend getting a large limo that site 20…. that will make it sooooooo much easier, the large truck excursion limo is also available.

We chose the ukulele for the ceremony, is it possible to have them play “Jesu joy of mans desiring” by Bach?
Wow i love that piece ,,, but impossible for the ukulele, its usually a guitar of harp or piano piece…. would you rather have a harp? or guitar.
or we could have the ukulele for the other songs and i can bring an ipod for : Jesu joy of Mans desiring”I am still unclear about the luau. Is the luau on the beach? Is it just our guests and the entertainment? Is it close by?
Yes i need to talk to you about the Luau,Thanks Paul. We are getting very excited! I will try giving you a call on Monday and hopefully we can discuss these questions further over the phone.
Ok lets talk soon look forward to hearing from you and i will call too… aloha see you in Hawaii soon..


C&A wedding in Hawaii

Angela and Chris Beach wedding

: @ Hawaii beach estate house getting ready for the wedding

Arrival: flying in on the 20th of March (in the very early morning)
7:30 in the morning …… Waikiki 1100am

bride Angela looking through her flowers before her beach wedding at the estate house

I love Lindsey&Anthony’s and Shawn &Aki’s beach, too! (their ceremony location, not the kimono photo shoot location) Is that Waimanalo Beach also?
Time: 12pm possible?
Guest: confirmed: Bride’s parents
Bride’s aunt
Bride’s cousin and her husband, and their 2 children
(a 3-year old and an one-year old baby)
11 seats needed for now
We’re still inviting some local friends …(not confirmed yet)We’ll let you know later how many seats in total are needed.
We don’t want to see each other until the ceremony starts, so we need 2 limos;
one for bride/her family, and the other one for groom/his family.
If the package includes a limo, we need to rent only one more? Please let me know!
Wedding Party: No bridesmaids/no best men/no flower girl/no ring bearer
 Theme Colors: Turquoise, varieties of pink (dark pink is the main),
Bouquet: love Melissa & Joey’plumeria bouquet but I want the lea leaves to be a little bit shorter and I want more flowers instead

Leis: For our close family: for parents (3) yellow lei
I’m not sure what kind of flower…I need help please!
For groom: Love Brendon’s lei with green leaves and white flowers!

(Julie Gledhill & Brendon Virgil) I love its volume too!


I want one more color added to this Brendon’s lei, maybe one color from our theme color.

I want the color to be just a very very simple accent so, not too many flowers.

(It’s so hard to explain in English! HAHA…I hope you understand what I mean!


Silk organza colors: Varieties of pink, orange as an accent

Aisle: Entrance of the aisle— exactly the same as how you did with Justin & Jill;

The pink bumpy flowers/orange bird of paradise/green leaves


Please let me know the names of the flowers!

Along the aisle—I want to have lots of flowers!

I love to have the same pink bumpy flowers like the entrance,

with the thick green leaves that are used in the picture that is the 6th picture from the left when you open this page….

and other kinds of flowers…but I’m not sure what kind..I need help please!
Aisle—yellow plumeria petals, pink plumeria petals..?

I don’t know if they match our theme color..I need help!
Seats: Turquoise sash with orange hibiscus (like Valerie &Jeff’s)
Design: We like a cake like the one below ‘cup cake with yellow plumeria flowers
 dark chocolate cupcakes with white vanilla cream’ on the page…
It’s the one with two-tiered cake with flowers, except I love to have flowers that colors match our theme color.
Flavor: Haupia flaver with white vanilla cream, please.
Ceremony minister: Makoto doesn’t speak English, so we prefer a bilingual (English/Japanese) person. Also, we want a nonreligious ceremony please.

Who would you recommend? Can you please give us the names of the possible ministers ?

Solo Musician: We’re not sure about music yet. We want something romantic and sentimental Hawaiian music.

Maybe ukulele…and singing.

We need your help, please, Paul! If you have a list of Hawaiian music good for wedding, that would be really appreciated! Thank you!

I like something like the beginning part of this song.

Flowers for bride’s hair: needed: not sure what kind of flowers yet…

Manicure & Pedicure: not needed

Make-up: not needed

Notes and Questions:

How much is Sand mixing during the ceremony?
we will include the sand ceremony for a fee of $75 with bottles and color sand.

We’ll be legally married in Japan in Feb. but we won’t file our marriage in the US.

Do we still need to apply for marriage license? Or do we just need to bring our Japanese marriage certificate?
No just bring the Japan Certificate to show the minister.

We don’t need the Online wedding website. Thank you!

Aloha Paul wedding coordinator
Hawaii wedding company

Through the eyes of Love

Having fun with photography


Photos ahhhhhhhh……..”There was a time when i believed in words, categories names dates and tim3s, hat3 , joy everything a passing facade where the heart becomes the warrior and the mind its an observer.. to upload into present moment only to feel,,, the tingle ….. bypass the mind and into the body hold form inoto space navigate toward starlight ……..reawaken again again and again . …………….Visual po3try spectrum of the rainbow…………..strong bold vibrant pastel hues colors that jump… hold your breath ,,,,,,,,,,these shoots i long for. Just Love unique fun spontaneous photos c4ptured effortlessly!!!… Gr8t 3ternity shoots. The Cr3ative present moments are the treasure I derive great joy from. The natural expression of the fi8ure …………uncontrived movement is the breath of work manifesting. True to form whilse pretentiosness is set aside.

Well im always taking photos of wedding and models but my favotie subject to study in photogrpahy is my wife Dewi here is an example of some photos that i took of her
slide music by oahu local Hawaii band slam poetry

Paul coordinator and photographer of Aloha island Weddings

Jewel & Jamie Wedding Day

Jewel Holland & Jamie Wedding Day in Hawaii on Oahu

Pre wedding photos
Hawaii wedding ceremony
Bridal Party photos

I just wanted to say Paul what a wonderful experience it has been working with you! Any time I needed to ask even the smallest of questions, who were readily there, and were more than obliged to help, and always had suggestions. Not for one second did I stress…seriously! Not only that, you made our day THE most beautiful and memorable day we could have asked for…thank you beyond words! You have a gift Paul, and thank you for sharing it with us. Our love, and thanks Jewel and Jamie (please feel free to share our rave review with others…you deserve it)!!!

Getting excited as the days are rushing by…only 4 more months and we
are getting so excited! Just wanted to let you know that I will be
calling you in the next couple of weeks to discuss the ceremony in a little more detail like we had discussed back in July when you had called. Just to give you a heads up, I had a couple of questions for you, and
ONCE AGAIN, a couple of changes to the ceremony from what I had previously emailed to you (gosh, do all brides change their minds as much as I have???haha!) First I wanted to thank you for sending me those restaurant links…they were extremely helpful. We finally decided on Aaron’s atop the ala moana and it’s reserved and all good to go…so thank you
so much for sending us in the right direction! It looks beautiful.

Time of the ceremony …… 3:00 pm up until sunset….photo shoot at Blow hole /Sandies/Makapuu/The point Pre Wedding photos at the Royal Kuhio Penthouse suiteReception ay Arrons at the Ala Moana hotel
Dec 29th / 2008 Guests: 30

Shimmering Sweet Summer

Minister Rev Alan fisher blessing the wedding rings


Summer and Chris you both were incredible to be with , you to embody the reason i love wedding coordination ,
Hawaiian wedding song on the ukulele
Minister playing the ukulele for the newly weds sing Hawaiian wedding song

Throwing flowers in the air of orchids for the wedding beach recessional
Paul’s rants & insights into photography
A young man that i know of who graduated with high ranks in his field of photographer at the prestigious Brooks institute and film used a throw away camera as part of his photo project, which won an award with the photo.
” His intuitive insight was for most i imagine was  to unveil the present moments , his courage and conviction to the beauty of the moment was to him beyond the technology of the camera “
Picasso ” I studied my whole life in painting to be able to paint like a child who touches the canvas with a paint brush for the very first time”.
 To unlearn all i have learned is the next step towards understanding…
Paul ..wedding coordinator/photographer/musician

Working within space surrounding form , its vastness is embracing all that is contained within a view holding form like the sun that gives its rays irregardless of the object.

Nicole & Dylan

Nicole Skinner & Dylan Goldfinch

Wedding date September 23 2008

Estimate Guest – 12

wedding 1:00pm

fly in 21 of September …….

meet in the evening
hotel staying Pacific Beach Hotel…..
7:00pm meet wedding couple……

The butterfly wedding setup……Rev Chris Cain
music – Somewhere over the rainbow for wedding song ukulele…….
Like Isreal Kamakama – out in front of the Pacific Beach Hotel
Location – undecided……send more photos of Lanaikai on Location …………
{ send info about Kailua Beach } send info
Flower ….. home Christine and Matt… yellow and white Plumeria no dark pink……
same bouquet for the brides maids as well …….

cake three tiered cake shell cake…..in a two tiered…
buttercream creamy ,, moist chocolate cake …
chiffon on top dark on bottom

Dylan Goldfinch

Deuce Werx Custom Cycles


My name is Nicole Skinner my partner and I are from Australia and have decided that we would like to get married in Hawaii next September,
I am interested in the Beach chapel arch wedding but I was wondering if I could customize it to something that more suits me.

As I am from Australia I have very few people coming so I will not be having a bridal party I was wondering if I
could take out the bouquets for them also the 2 tiered wedding cake.

I was also wondering if the video footage would be able to be taken out.

I would like to know if this is at all possible and if you could give me a quote on how much it would cost


Birds of Paradise Wedding

Wedding Certificate
Choice of Minister
Flower arrangement for table
Flower shower {rose petal or orchid petals}
Heart or circle shape flowers design
Maile Lei for groom
Custom flower lei for bride
Traditional Hawaiian shell leis
Hawaii Photographer
{125 4×6 w/wedding album }

45 antique black and white style
Wedding Cake with flower design
cake flavor vanilla cake
circle , flowers same as bouquet
Beach/Park Island Wedding Locatio

To: ‘Aloha Island Weddings’

 I hope all is well. It was great talking to you the other day and gaining a better understanding of your visualization, which is very important. I will lean on you for a lot of the details and recommendations for how things will look best. Here is the basic information:
Time: Your recommendation – Best time to take pictures?Color: Leaf Green – mixed with other shades of green and white — Your visualization of how it will look best
We will only have two people at the wedding, which means we will want something very simple, but beautiful. Our main focus will be pictures.
Since we will only have two people, what are our package options and the costs associated with the packages?
Bouquet description:

Cinnamon Calla Lilies, Champagne Roses,
Peach Sweethearts Pale Lavender Rosemary Flowers hide in my Cream hued Rose Enrich
Cascading Waterfalls, Teary eyed Shaped Spherical Globe Bouquet. Daisy Filled Frolic Purple and Green Dancing Lipped Dendodrium Orchids ,
Visceral Composite mixed w/ forest moss green
Spinach Forest viral Hawaiian fern, Sprinkle the Sunny Marigolds for extra spice

Flower comment: If my bouquet is like the above, we could add complimentary brighter colors for the walkway — you know what looks good for that and the circle (my only comment is that I’m not a huge fan of yellow for the walkway). Other than that personal preference, I believe you know what will look the best.
Minister: Rev Michael …………………..
Cake: Round (not square like I said earlier)
Please let me know if you have any questions.
I’m going to send you a couple of pictures to help with the visualization. Thanks Paul-

Jamillah & Brandon Hawaiian Wedding

Welcome to Our Hawaiian Wedding Blog
Step into my Cave

Our Pre Wedding photo tour with LotuStar.com

Our Location shoot : Makapuu : Nuuanu: Point Break: Blow Hole : Enternity Beach: Lanikai: Waimanalo


Our Wedding Flash Site

I am trying to plan my wedding for Sept. 6th or Sept 7th on the island of Oahu.
I will try to be as specific as possible to how I like my ceremony.
I am not sure about my reception yet, but maybe you can give me a few ideas.
First of all there will be between 25-35 guest at my wedding. We will have no wedding party (bridesmaids/groom men)
I would like my ceremony conducted on a beach (maybe Makapu’u or Waimanalo) I want whatever one is more beautiful.
* Nondenominational officiant
*Bamboo chapel set-up. Do not know my wedding colors yet, but would like to incorporate 2-3 colors
*Seating for about 18, covered chairs with floral decor etc.
* Aisle created with Bamboo tiki’s with floral decor
* Flower shower
* Flower pathway (fully covered/no fabric) possibly white orchids
* Beauty services (in-hotel hair/make-up)
* Flowers for hair
* Bridal bouquet
* Groom Maile lei
* Lei’s for lei exchange
* Lei’s for parents to incorporate into ceremony (5)
* Assistance with wedding license arrangement and processing
* Professional Photographer- enough time for pre-ceremony photos (bride getting ready at hotel) and ceremony photos, possibly reception photos 100-150 photos in album color and black and white. Cd of all negatives.
* Videographer Edited DVD
* Items for Sand Ceremony (Bride, Groom and Brides son)
* Conch shell blower for beginning and end of ceremony
* Solo Musician and Hula dancer
* 2 hour limousine service
* 2 tier fondant cake with fresh floral decor
* Table set-up for Sparkling cider toast
* Wedding cake service
* Transportation for guest to and from ceremony
* Wedding certificate

Reception- Outdoor Area, possibly close to ceremony, seating for 30, light decor, catered or buffet. Any suggestions?
This is everything I can think of so far. Please give me a quote as soon as possible on the above amenities. Thank You

We are going to be planning all day tomorrow so please get us the info as soon as you have time. Thank you once again.

Sammi Oswald Jasen Soliven

Our Wedding in Hawaii Oahu Ceremony blog

our Wedding flash site

you requested, I have specified information needed for our wedding. I have taken ideas and information from your website and hyperlinks. Will you please update our website with the information? I have also attached a document with pictures, ideas, and concepts to help illustrate what I’d like for our wedding. Thanks so much for your help!

I have one other picture to forward to you for the idea of the table with flower arrangement. Rather than for signing though, I’d like to provide a pitcher of lemonade or tropical punch for the guests.

I would also like to find out answers on the following extras/questions too:

  • Can I reserve a trolley that would travel to Kailua and back?
  • The trolley is an open air mobile will go to that side of the island we also have large excursion limo trucks that will hold up to 24 people.

I able to adjust the package inclusions at all (i.e. remove the limo)?

Per our conversation, here is all of the information and pictures for our wedding on 9/19/08. We will meet with you at our hotel (Outrigger Regency on Beachwalk) on 9/17/08 at 7:00pm. We will be applying for our marriage license that afternoon after we land. Please let me know if you have any questions and please update our website with this information and pictures. I also wanted to find out the cost of adding a hard cover photo book to our wedding package. Thank you sooooo much!


· Location: a Beautiful Beach Park with white sand (ocean background, but some picture angles where palm trees will be in the background)

· Minister: Lei Hulu Mamo I would liek her to chant in Hawaiian
Im also study hula dannce and my favorite song is Pua Olena could i have the ukulele player sing that for me as i walk in, also wold like to have the conch shell blown right beofre the wedding too, thankyou

I would like to have crystal pitchers of juice instead of bottle water and soda for my guest in case they get thirsty after the wedding, could you please tie on a large green orchid to the handel with a pink fuscia ribbon thankyou,

Kind of music or musician: Hawaiian ukulele

· Bridal party: None – can I substitute these flowers for something else?

· Theme Colors: Fuchsia and Lime Green

· Flowers: Fuchsia plumeria and lime green cymbidium orchids

· Setup:

§ White chair cover with a fuchsia sash and a lime green cymbidium orchid tucked in the bow of the sash

§ Mystic Bamboo with fuchsia and green organza (like picture)

§ Fuchsia plumeria on sand (isle)

· Wedding Time: 2:00pm

· Bridal Bouquet: Fuchsia plumeria

· Cake Flavor: 1 layer Chocolate bottom, 1 layer Cream Cheese Vanilla …… buttercream stacked like square .. with dark pink ribbon also please add large cymbidian green orchids with the purple lip on the corners and top of my Hawaii wedding cake.

· I have one other picture to forward to you for the idea of the table with flower arrangement. Rather than for signing though, I’d like to provide a pitcher of lemonade or tropical punch for the guests.

· Instead of a flower arch and bridal party bouquets offered in the package, can we change this to a limo truck to accommodate as many guests as possible? Guest list will be about 30.


BRIDAL BOUQUET (pictured below but with fuchsia plumeria instead): i want it to be a dark dark pink fuchsia plumeria bouquet with a the ornate silver bouquet holder