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Ray of Love shinning of
Amore on the beach of Lanikai in Kailua HawaiiIt was so great to speak with you =) I am very excited to plan our wedding! I have to tell you again how beautiful and professional your website is. Your photography talent and your wife’s flowers and decorations are breathtaking. I also appreciate your kind and welcoming personality. It really makes all this planning so enjoyable and stress-free. =)

My fiance, Brian, and I actually fell in love in Hawaii on a trip we took with mutual friends. It has continued to be a passionate soft spot for us through our relationship. We live in Southern California, but are hoping to someday retire in a beach house on Oahu =) To say we got married in Hawaii would be incredibly special to us. I attached a few pictures of us from the day he proposed. Funny that he is wearing a Hawaiian shirt and I have an orchid in my hair =)

We are still hoping for May 15th or 16th on a beautiful secluded b in Hawaii . My first choice would be Lanikai, but I understand we cannot upset the residents. However,

Minister Keale playing the ukulele for them at their Hawaii beach wedding

If we were able to finish up the photos at Kailua Beach where my fiance’s Aunt and Uncle live, that would be a great option. Is the beach where your latest wedding occurred (Alexandra and Jonathan)

Photo tour :

Pre wedding bridal :

Hawaii Wedding Ceremony

Hi Paul =)

Brian and I cannot stop talking about how perfect our wedding day was! You and Dewi created the most beautiful beach set-up. It was a great surprise to step out of the limo, look down the beach and see the bright colors of the chairs and the Beach Arch. Then when the girls were handed their bouquet’s, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous they were. I almost cried when I saw mine wrapped in the beautiful blue ribbon. Everything was perfect, and coordinated perfectly, even down to our music choices for the ceremony.

We also can’t thank you enough for getting Mahalani to officiate our ceremony. His wonderful talent for putting everyone at ease, and providing such a beautiful day full of song, prayer, and Hawaiian tradition really made our ceremony extra special.
Again we can’t thank you enough. We can’t wait to see the pictures and our website =)

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