J&S Hawaiian wedding

Jenilee and Steve’s Wedding

I love the itinerary you put together, We are getting very excited. In one week we will be on a plane to Hawaii.
Thanks for all the great work you are doing!

I think I will go with Beverly Kaneshige for hair and make up. The Paradise Cove luau looks great!
We will do the sand pouring-just regular sand is fine.
We will also have someone do the conch shell before the ceremony.

If you have any other questions feel free to call or email anytime.
Our wedding is approaching fast! I have a few questions and additional information for you.

Hi there you two love birds, was just thinking about you and wanted to contact you too,
I will try and call in tomorrow morning your time ok, what is the best number to contact you at.Well, Our Wedding in Hawaii is approaching fast! I have a few questions and additional information for you.
Yes it too fast ..We were wanting to have a few bottles of wine(3 or 4) for the luau. Do we supply that or can we have that arranged?
Yes of course i can help arrange that,, we can have alcohol on the beach its against the law and the permit for the wedding wont allow that,
but we could have the bottles in the limos……and have them stop at a lookout point and toast and drink to wedding and before if you like…
I have a cosco card if you want to go with me we can go together and pick out the wine… or if your busy just let me know what type of wine you want.in the package i have a limo for you and your girls….. it sits 8 people and that included no charge….
for your other guest i recommend getting a large limo that site 20…. that will make it sooooooo much easier, the large truck excursion limo is also available.

We chose the ukulele for the ceremony, is it possible to have them play “Jesu joy of mans desiring” by Bach?
Wow i love that piece ,,, but impossible for the ukulele, its usually a guitar of harp or piano piece…. would you rather have a harp? or guitar.
or we could have the ukulele for the other songs and i can bring an ipod for : Jesu joy of Mans desiring”I am still unclear about the luau. Is the luau on the beach? Is it just our guests and the entertainment? Is it close by?
Yes i need to talk to you about the Luau,Thanks Paul. We are getting very excited! I will try giving you a call on Monday and hopefully we can discuss these questions further over the phone.
Ok lets talk soon look forward to hearing from you and i will call too… aloha see you in Hawaii soon..


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