C&A wedding in Hawaii

Angela and Chris Beach wedding

: @ Hawaii beach estate house getting ready for the wedding

Arrival: flying in on the 20th of March (in the very early morning)
7:30 in the morning …… Waikiki 1100am

bride Angela looking through her flowers before her beach wedding at the estate house

I love Lindsey&Anthony’s and Shawn &Aki’s beach, too! (their ceremony location, not the kimono photo shoot location) Is that Waimanalo Beach also?
Time: 12pm possible?
Guest: confirmed: Bride’s parents
Bride’s aunt
Bride’s cousin and her husband, and their 2 children
(a 3-year old and an one-year old baby)
11 seats needed for now
We’re still inviting some local friends …(not confirmed yet)We’ll let you know later how many seats in total are needed.
We don’t want to see each other until the ceremony starts, so we need 2 limos;
one for bride/her family, and the other one for groom/his family.
If the package includes a limo, we need to rent only one more? Please let me know!
Wedding Party: No bridesmaids/no best men/no flower girl/no ring bearer
 Theme Colors: Turquoise, varieties of pink (dark pink is the main),
Bouquet: love Melissa & Joey’plumeria bouquet but I want the lea leaves to be a little bit shorter and I want more flowers instead

Leis: For our close family: for parents (3) yellow lei
I’m not sure what kind of flower…I need help please!
For groom: Love Brendon’s lei with green leaves and white flowers!

(Julie Gledhill & Brendon Virgil) I love its volume too!


I want one more color added to this Brendon’s lei, maybe one color from our theme color.

I want the color to be just a very very simple accent so, not too many flowers.

(It’s so hard to explain in English! HAHA…I hope you understand what I mean!


Silk organza colors: Varieties of pink, orange as an accent

Aisle: Entrance of the aisle— exactly the same as how you did with Justin & Jill;

The pink bumpy flowers/orange bird of paradise/green leaves


Please let me know the names of the flowers!

Along the aisle—I want to have lots of flowers!

I love to have the same pink bumpy flowers like the entrance,

with the thick green leaves that are used in the picture that is the 6th picture from the left when you open this page….

and other kinds of flowers…but I’m not sure what kind..I need help please!
Aisle—yellow plumeria petals, pink plumeria petals..?

I don’t know if they match our theme color..I need help!
Seats: Turquoise sash with orange hibiscus (like Valerie &Jeff’s)
Design: We like a cake like the one below ‘cup cake with yellow plumeria flowers
 dark chocolate cupcakes with white vanilla cream’ on the page…
It’s the one with two-tiered cake with flowers, except I love to have flowers that colors match our theme color.
Flavor: Haupia flaver with white vanilla cream, please.
Ceremony minister: Makoto doesn’t speak English, so we prefer a bilingual (English/Japanese) person. Also, we want a nonreligious ceremony please.

Who would you recommend? Can you please give us the names of the possible ministers ?

Solo Musician: We’re not sure about music yet. We want something romantic and sentimental Hawaiian music.

Maybe ukulele…and singing.

We need your help, please, Paul! If you have a list of Hawaiian music good for wedding, that would be really appreciated! Thank you!

I like something like the beginning part of this song.

Flowers for bride’s hair: needed: not sure what kind of flowers yet…

Manicure & Pedicure: not needed

Make-up: not needed

Notes and Questions:

How much is Sand mixing during the ceremony?
we will include the sand ceremony for a fee of $75 with bottles and color sand.

We’ll be legally married in Japan in Feb. but we won’t file our marriage in the US.

Do we still need to apply for marriage license? Or do we just need to bring our Japanese marriage certificate?
No just bring the Japan Certificate to show the minister.

We don’t need the Online wedding website. Thank you!

Aloha Paul wedding coordinator
Hawaii wedding company

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