Through the eyes of Love

Having fun with photography

Photos ahhhhhhhh……..”There was a time when i believed in words, categories names dates and tim3s, hat3 , joy everything a passing facade where the heart becomes the warrior and the mind its an observer.. to upload into present moment only to feel,,, the tingle ….. bypass the mind and into the body hold form inoto space navigate toward starlight ……..reawaken again again and again . …………….Visual po3try spectrum of the rainbow…………..strong bold vibrant pastel hues colors that jump… hold your breath ,,,,,,,,,,these shoots i long for. Just Love unique fun spontaneous photos c4ptured effortlessly!!!… Gr8t 3ternity shoots. The Cr3ative present moments are the treasure I derive great joy from. The natural expression of the fi8ure …………uncontrived movement is the breath of work manifesting. True to form whilse pretentiosness is set aside.

Well im always taking photos of wedding and models but my favotie subject to study in photogrpahy is my wife Dewi here is an example of some photos that i took of her
slide music by oahu local Hawaii band slam poetry

Paul coordinator and photographer of Aloha island Weddings

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