Shimmering Sweet Summer

Minister Rev Alan fisher blessing the wedding rings

Summer and Chris you both were incredible to be with , you to embody the reason i love wedding coordination ,
Hawaiian wedding song on the ukulele
Minister playing the ukulele for the newly weds sing Hawaiian wedding song

Throwing flowers in the air of orchids for the wedding beach recessional
Paul’s rants & insights into photography
A young man that i know of who graduated with high ranks in his field of photographer at the prestigious Brooks institute and film used a throw away camera as part of his photo project, which won an award with the photo.
” His intuitive insight was for most i imagine was  to unveil the present moments , his courage and conviction to the beauty of the moment was to him beyond the technology of the camera “
Picasso ” I studied my whole life in painting to be able to paint like a child who touches the canvas with a paint brush for the very first time”.
 To unlearn all i have learned is the next step towards understanding…
Paul coordinator/photographer/musician

Working within space surrounding form , its vastness is embracing all that is contained within a view holding form like the sun that gives its rays irregardless of the object.

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