Birds of Paradise Wedding

Wedding Certificate
Choice of Minister
Flower arrangement for table
Flower shower {rose petal or orchid petals}
Heart or circle shape flowers design
Maile Lei for groom
Custom flower lei for bride
Traditional Hawaiian shell leis
Hawaii Photographer
{125 4×6 w/wedding album }

45 antique black and white style
Wedding Cake with flower design
cake flavor vanilla cake
circle , flowers same as bouquet
Beach/Park Island Wedding Locatio

To: ‘Aloha Island Weddings’

 I hope all is well. It was great talking to you the other day and gaining a better understanding of your visualization, which is very important. I will lean on you for a lot of the details and recommendations for how things will look best. Here is the basic information:
Time: Your recommendation – Best time to take pictures?Color: Leaf Green – mixed with other shades of green and white — Your visualization of how it will look best
We will only have two people at the wedding, which means we will want something very simple, but beautiful. Our main focus will be pictures.
Since we will only have two people, what are our package options and the costs associated with the packages?
Bouquet description:

Cinnamon Calla Lilies, Champagne Roses,
Peach Sweethearts Pale Lavender Rosemary Flowers hide in my Cream hued Rose Enrich
Cascading Waterfalls, Teary eyed Shaped Spherical Globe Bouquet. Daisy Filled Frolic Purple and Green Dancing Lipped Dendodrium Orchids ,
Visceral Composite mixed w/ forest moss green
Spinach Forest viral Hawaiian fern, Sprinkle the Sunny Marigolds for extra spice

Flower comment: If my bouquet is like the above, we could add complimentary brighter colors for the walkway — you know what looks good for that and the circle (my only comment is that I’m not a huge fan of yellow for the walkway). Other than that personal preference, I believe you know what will look the best.
Minister: Rev Michael …………………..
Cake: Round (not square like I said earlier)
Please let me know if you have any questions.
I’m going to send you a couple of pictures to help with the visualization. Thanks Paul-

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