Nicole & Dylan

Nicole Skinner & Dylan Goldfinch

Wedding date September 23 2008

Estimate Guest – 12

wedding 1:00pm

fly in 21 of September …….

meet in the evening
hotel staying Pacific Beach Hotel…..
7:00pm meet wedding couple……

The butterfly wedding setup……Rev Chris Cain
music – Somewhere over the rainbow for wedding song ukulele…….
Like Isreal Kamakama – out in front of the Pacific Beach Hotel
Location – undecided……send more photos of Lanaikai on Location …………
{ send info about Kailua Beach } send info
Flower ….. home Christine and Matt… yellow and white Plumeria no dark pink……
same bouquet for the brides maids as well …….

cake three tiered cake shell cake… a two tiered…
buttercream creamy ,, moist chocolate cake …
chiffon on top dark on bottom

Dylan Goldfinch

Deuce Werx Custom Cycles


My name is Nicole Skinner my partner and I are from Australia and have decided that we would like to get married in Hawaii next September,
I am interested in the Beach chapel arch wedding but I was wondering if I could customize it to something that more suits me.

As I am from Australia I have very few people coming so I will not be having a bridal party I was wondering if I
could take out the bouquets for them also the 2 tiered wedding cake.

I was also wondering if the video footage would be able to be taken out.

I would like to know if this is at all possible and if you could give me a quote on how much it would cost


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