Hot Colors for your Tropical wedding

Holding a rainbow plumeria bouquet the Hawaii bride gives a hug to her new husband

Choosing colors for your wedding can be a daunting task. You may like pink, the groom likes blue. You love purple dresses but hate purple flowers. Your favorite color is yellow, but the bridesmaids are planning to revolt if you make them wear yellow gowns. The color you not only reflects your personal style, but it can set the tone for your entire wedding, so you may want to consult the list of the latest color trends for 2008 weddings.

One of the hot trends right now is toward citrus colors. The bright lemon, lime green, and brilliant orange colors are beautiful for spring and summer weddings, and if you are planning an autumn wedding, not only is this a great way to hold on to the last days of summer, but these are all colors you can incorporate into a fall theme. These colors lend themselves to an outdoor wedding, and would be perfect for a beach theme wedding or a garden party style affair. The citrus colors complement each other, and it would be perfectly acceptable to mix them. Have each bridesmaid choose a different one of the bright, beautiful colors, and then you can select flowers for their bouquets that incorporate the complementary colors. Adding white as a complementary color would be beautiful, giving the vibrant citrus colors a clean backdrop to work off of.

Very hot this year is the chocolate accent, but you can certainly take it up a notch and use chocolate brown as your featured color. Chocolate works well with the popular blue colors, but also with white, yellow, gold, and some greens. A rich, chocolate brown adds a touch of decadent elegance to your wedding color scheme, and you can use it very liberally with touches of the blue or gold to keep your affair from feeling too dark.

Another popular option this year for bridesmaid gowns and wedding linen color is dazzling pink! Pink has long been a popular color for bridesmaids and flowers at weddings, especially during the spring and summer, but going with a hot pink makes it more contemporary. Add bright white or hot silver to the look for glamour, elegance, and fun!

Other color options for 2008 include two tone colors for gowns, but you can carry the two tone look throughout your reception by featuring both colors in table linens and décor.

Whichever colors you choose, look for unique ways to incorporate the colors you love. You can add touches of the colors in wedding programs, votive candles, cake decorations, and even aisle runners. Let everyone see your true colors on your wedding day!

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